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If you’re currently dreaming of a way to make a full-time income FROM HOME, that doesn’t require you to…

  • Trade time for dollars (1:1 clients)
  • Cover your website in ads
  • Have 100k Instagram followers
  • Promote a product you aren’t passionate about
  • or go back to school AGAIN in order to be seen as an “expert” on what you teach…

AND that allows you to work from wherever you are, help as many people as possible, and generate passive income…

And I know you might have doubts, like:

  • What would I even create an online course ABOUT?
  • Why would anyone listen to ME when there are so many experts out there?
  • How do I build an audience to sell my course to?
  • How would I launch/market it? Would anyone even buy?
  • What about all the tech stuff (videos, worksheets, audio lessons…AHHHH THE OVERWHELM)?!?
  • What about the logistics like: coming up with content, deciding which information to share and in what format, and how to ensure my students get results?

And most importantly…


  • How to grow an audience + email list full of future students
  • How to decide on a profitable online course topic, name, and price
  • How to create your entire course (videos, worksheets + more!) from start to finish
  • How to launch your course + enroll as many students as possible
  • How to create an entire passive income “funnel” so that your online course starts selling on autopilot (ever dreamed of waking up in the AM to sales notifications? I’ll teach you how!)

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