Branding & Duplication Playbook


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Branding & Duplication Playbook | Instant Download !



Branding & Duplication Playbook

Branding & Duplication Playbook

After Years Of Working With Network Marketing Professionals, We Realized That There Is A Tremendous Misunderstanding About How To Create An Incredible Brand Without Totally Sabotaging Duplication…
You might be wondering… “Why Not?”
…And the answer is so obvious, you might have even thought about it yourself.
Most Branding Strategies DO NOT WORK Because They’re Being Taught In A Way That Does Not Consider The Fundamental Principle Of Network Marketing.
You Ready For It?
people will always think that they need to…
Do What You Do
to Be Successful.
This is why 99% of Network Marketers FAIL to both brand themselves & create duplication
There is a lot of misinformation about branding when it comes to network marketing
There’s too much confusion around branding
There’s too many people branding themselves (and training on it) in ways that are hurting their duplication (and/or the duplication of their followers)
Too many people are making it too complex and confusing and hurting duplication
But, it doesn’t have to be that way…
You can have both a remarkable brand and massive duplication in your team
…And We’re going to show you how…
Some of Our Coaching Clients (Past & Current) Include…
Read This Before
Going ANY Further
From The Desk Of Ray Higdon
Ft. Myers, FL
This course is our response to the most troubling question I’ve been asked countless times: “How do I build my brand and still create duplication in my team?”

The “Branding & Duplication Playbook” is for YOU if…
You do not want to solely rely on reaching out to people to build your business, and you want to attract people to YOU…
Feel like you are really branded well but just aren’t getting the duplication within your team that you desire…
You’ve spent a lot of time, and possibly money, getting all the right tools but just aren’t getting the results…
So, if you want a powerful brand that attracts people to you, and aren’t just happy with solely relying on reaching out, and prospecting non-stop, then this was MADE FOR YOU.

Continue Reading…
Take A Sneak Peek Inside…
The World’s First
the branding distinctions for massive duplication in network marketing

Just Take A Look At What These Past Branding &
Duplication Playbook Customers Are Saying…
Here’s What You’re Getting…
Learn how to attract people to you by designing a powerful brand
Learn how to generate more leads of people that want to join your opportunity or buy your product or service
Learn exactly how to increase your duplication faster than ever before (especially when you just get someone started)
Simplify your branding strategy and maximize your results in a fraction of the time
How to create curiosity posts for social media and the #1 secret to effective social media engagement and results (examples included)
How to effectively tell your story on social media and get others to duplicate (it is way simpler than you think)
The Answer To: “Should I restrict yourself to a particular target market or is there a better way?”
BONUS: Exactly what to say and also what to avoid if you do have your own blog or website
These strategies do NOT require multiple Facebook groups
BONUS: The PERFECT Social Media Profile
Jessica Higdon will be showing you exactly what to put on your social media profile and the big “DO NOT”s to totally avoid IF you want to attract more people to you and get them curious about what you’re doing. This bonus alone is worth the value of this entire course.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
YES! Change My Life NOW! Get The “Branding & Duplication Playbook” Now – ONLY $97
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