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Advanced Technical SEO On demand Gain the skills and the knowledge needed to be able to better understand the more technically advanced side of SEO.

Technical SEO is arguably one of the most important areas to master when creating or managing a website. It can provide a solid foundation for other types of SEO activity, and even then, it requires regular attention to ensure everything is working as it should be, and in-line with best practices.

Course Content

You’ll learn about a huge range of techniques for making your website work as hard as it can do for you, including how to boost page speed, the insights you can gain and implement from analysing server log files, and how to make sure you’re covered in a mobile-first world.

Course Structure

This course is going to be split into four distinct sections, with each focusing on a specific theme. We’ll start with more basic topics, such as how technical SEO fits into the overall picture as well as looking at crawlability, crawl budget and how search works. It’ll be a good basic introduction to the more advanced topics that are introduced in the following sections. The second section is focused on Indexing, Content and Speed, and the third will investigate more advanced technical topics, such as the potential of python, carrying out a server log file analysis and details of useful HTTP headers. We’ll then finish the course with the fourth and final section, that’ll look into international SEO, schema, HTTPS and Google tools.

Your trainer

This hands-on course is run by the winner of Young Search Professional of the Year 2019 at the UK Search Awards, Tom Pool. He’ll take a deep-dive into the more advanced areas of on-page technical SEO.

Who this course is for

This course is for those who have a basic knowledge of SEO and want to improve their overall understanding of the more technical side. We will be providing a fairly basic intro to SEO in the first section to ensure everyone is on the same page, so as long as you have an interest in the more technical side to SEO, this course is for you!

What you’ll gain from this course

Participants can expect to walk away with a more in-depth understanding of the importance of technical SEO, and how a solid technical foundation can get you on the right path to success. You’ll also be able to more confidently talk about and feel comfortable with the technical aspects of SEO.

Your Instructor

Tom is Technical SEO Director at Blue Array, the UK’s largest pure-play SEO agency. He’s a regular on the SEO speaking circuit as well as running training sessions on various SEO topics. He also won the UK Young Search Professional of the Year 2019.

Brighton SEO Advanced Technical SEO On Demand

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  • S2 L3 How_many_backlinks_do_i_have_Sante_wmusic.mp4
  • S2 L4 How many backlinks do I need TandT.mp4
  • S2 L5 Who_is_linking_to_my_site_Sante_WMUSIC.mp4
  • S2 L6 How to track backlinks (over time)_WM TandT.mp4
  • S2 L7 Backlink Audits TandT.mp4
  • S2 L7a How_to_perform_a_backlink_analysis_Sante_wmusic.mp4
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