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What’s Included when you Enroll Today:

Weekly Mastermind Classes

screenshares and open Q&As

eBooks & Documentation

full access to the Disrupter School Library

Community & Specialists

worldwide community of experts and educators


Immersive Facebook Ads, Business Development & CMO Training Program with Lifetime Access

The Facebook Ads MBA Program is comprised of 3 Parts

– Direct Support with Weekly Classes & 1 on 1 time

– Exclusive Worldwide Community

– Frameworks, Systems & Processes to Master Scaling, Testing, Measurement and Project Management

How to Audit Facebook Ad Accounts for Client Acquisition and Agencw

– Scrum Doc & Measurement Insights

– 3 Hour 8-Stage Live Audit with Screenshare

– Documentation & Templates

– Pricing, Communications & Positioning

– Creative Performance Review & Account Insights

– Direct Support, Partnerships & Discounts

We’ll explore vital topics such as:

Learning the Foundations

Excellence and comfort come from having a strong base

My AI Apps of Choice

AI is some much more than just ChatGPT

Useful Prompts in the Market

Copy and Paste your way to success

The Process in Action

We will dive into the practical aspects of using AI in copywriting.

Resources and Recommendations:

I’ll also provide a list of resources and recommendations for further learning and tools.

We’ll explore vital topics such as:

How to craft a seamless and efficient onboarding process

nurtures strong client relationships and lays the foundation for success.

Automation Tools …

fast, agile, and frictionless process.

Establishing clear communication channels…

so you can understand performance with ease.

Enhanced client retention & Robust partnerships.

Get an Elevated agency reputation & Increased revenue.

Tackling big concepts like:

How to find your HERO PRODUCT…

so you can scale your business with projectable stability & confidence.

Understanding Cash Flow …

so you can plan finances a year in advance.

How to think about numbers…

so you can understand performance with ease.

How to use these insights to make decisions…

so you can do what you need, when you need it.

Scale your bank account, and quit focusing on the Ego!

Covering these Essential Disciplines:

How to find your customer online…

so you can discover insights in real-time.

How to find out what they really want…

so you can work with their desires.

How to dissect their language…

so you can speak to them with ease.

How to use these insights to make ads…

so you can sell them what they want, when they want it.

Includes a Masterclass, plus multiple live workshops

+ This will expand with each new live workshop Sarah Levinger does

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