ChartGuys Essential Candlesticks Trading Course

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Essential Candlesticks Trading Course Anticipate the Next Move

Did you know the market speaks through candlesticks?

Every single trade across the market is tracked and represented in the charts through candlesticks. Individual candlesticks show you the entire range of market action within a specific timeframe. Each candlestick contains powerful information that can be used to determine what the market is doing, thinking, and most importantly, what it may do in the future.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Candlestick Analysis.

Candlesticks tell us what the market is thinking and what it is preparing to do next.

Either you understand what the candles are saying, or you are trading blind.

Understanding the importance of Market Psychology is one of the most important fundamental skills you can have as a trader.

At the Chart Guys, this is one area we find impacts traders of all skill levels, from those who are just starting to read charts to 10-year veterans making a living trading high volatility options.

If you can read the market, you can react to price action as it develops.
We have developed this course in order to help our members understand the methodology behind analyzing the basics of candlestick analysis and market psychology.

This course will help you understand what the market is doing, thinking, and what may be around the corner.

In this course’s 16 modules you will learn:

  • Why studying candlesticks is critical for success.
  • Develop your own ability to observe and react to market trends and changes.
  • Develop an understanding of Market Psychology and how this phenomenon influences price action.
  • Differentiate between different types of Charts and understand the meaning behind individual variations.
  • Recognize, interpret, and act upon 40 different candlestick patterns.
  • Leverage key candlestick patterns, a powerful highly visual trading methodology that can be used to validate all of the techniques taught in this course.

We thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you find this course to be a valuable educational experience.


Jason & Dan

Course Curriculum

MODULE 1 Intro

  • 1.1Introduction to Essential Candlesticks

MODULE 2 Why Study Candlesticks?

  • 2.1Why Study Candlesticks?

MODULE 3 The Art of Observation

  • 3.1The Art of Observation

MODULE 4 Market Psychology

  • 4.1Pyschology of a Candle

MODULE 5 Advanced Chart Dynamics

  • 5.1Liquid vs Illiquid Charts
  • 5.2Penny Stocks Vs. Indices
  • 5.3Continuous vs Non Continuous
  • 5.4Extended Hours

MODULE 6 Introduction to Basic candles

  • 6.2Basic Candles
  • 6.1Module Structure & Goals

MODULE 7 Bullish Single Candle Patterns

  • 7.1Intro to Bullish Single Candle Patterns
  • 7.2Hammer
  • 7.3Inverted Hammer
  • 7.4Belt Hold

MODULE 8 Bullish Two Candle Patterns

  • 8.2Harami
  • 8.3Harami Cross
  • 8.4Homing Pigeon
  • 8.5Matching Low
  • 8.7Meeting Line
  • 8.6Piercing
  • 8.8One Green Soldier
  • 8.9Engulfing
  • 8.10Kicking
  • 8.1Intro to Bullish Two Candle Patterns

MODULE 9 Bullish Three Candle Patterns

  • 9.2Morning Star
  • 9.3Morning Doji
  • 9.4Abandoned Baby
  • 9.5Two Rabbits
  • 9.6Downside Gap 2 Rabbits
  • 9.7Deliberation Block
  • 9.8Descent Block
  • 9.93 Green Soldiers
  • 9.1Intro to Three Candle Patterns

MODULE 10 Bearish Single Candle Patterns

  • 10.1Intro to Bearish Single Candle Patterns
  • 10.2Hanging Man
  • 10.3Shooting Star
  • 10.4Belt Hold

MODULE 11 Bearish Two Candle Patterns11.2Harami

  • 11.3Harami Cross
  • 11.4Doji Star
  • 11.5Matchin High
  • 11.6Descending Hawk
  • 11.7Meeting Line
  • 11.8Dark Cloud Cover
  • 11.9One Black Crow
  • 11.10Kicking
  • 11.11Engulfing
  • 11.1Intro to Bearish Two Candle Patterns

MODULE 12 Bearish Three Candle Patterns

  • 12.2Advance Block
  • 12.3Deliberation Block
  • 12.4Evening Star
  • 12.5Evening Doji
  • 12.6Abandoned Baby
  • 12.7Two Crows
  • 12.8Three Black Crows
  • 12.1Intro to Bearish Three Candle Patterns

MODULE 13 Investigating Candlesticks

  • 13.1Not all Candles created Equally

MODULE 14 Applied Candlestick Analysis

  • 14.1SPY 5M – Spinning Top Dragonfly Doji
  • 14.2SPY 15M – Shooting Star
  • 14.3SPY 5M – Hammer into Consolidation
  • 14.4CGC 5M – Hanging Man
  • 14.5SPY 2 Min – 3 Black Crows into Doji
  • 14.6ES1 Futures 5min – Bullish Hammer
  • 14.7DXY 5min – Hanging Man
  • 14.8CGC 5 – Spinning Bull Engulfing
  • 14.9WJA 5M – Doji spinning top
  • 14.10XLK 15/5 – Signs of Reversal into FOMC

MODULE 15 Path of Education

  • 15.1Where to go from here?

MODULE 16 Summary

  • 16.1Course Conclusion

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