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They Laughed When I Quit My Job For Affiliate Marketing…

Hi, I’m Joey Babineau, and I can’t stand the GURU crap so I won’t bore you with some mysterious story about the secret to a 50,000/mth blog that takes 2 years to build… 

I’m just a typical dude, a father, and a guy who left a corporate government job after earning 50,000 in 1 month from affiliate marketing.

I earned more in one month than what I earned in a year working for government.

I left a “cozy & secure” job, I left a guaranteed pension, and I left a salary on the table.

Guess what? It was the best decision I ever made. Even though most of my colleagues thought I was crazy…

Since I left in 2015 I have generated 7-figures annually in revenue from affiliate marketing.

I am a true believer that anyone who is aggressively “stubborn” about generating their own financial freedom, can do it with affiliate marketing even in 2023. 

I never would have thought that just me, one guy in his basement, could reach millions in spend and revenue every single year. I did it all by myself and you can too! 

There is a Faster Way to Get “Life Changing” Results.

My formula is the opposite of every “guru course” out there.

I didn’t change my life by creating a complicated niche blog that takes years to see results, nor did I write years of content, or create complicated”funnels”. 

ALL of my income from affiliate marketing comes from “basic”. 

Basic copywriting, basic designs, basic 1 page sites, and basic traffic methods. Nothing fancy.

But these basic methods bring in massive amounts of traffic and conversions.

Yes these numbers are real I have the tax returns to prove it.

There is a Faster Way.

Have you ever started a course where they teach you to build a website that ends up going nowhere?

I’ve been there myself, confused, burnt out, and nothing to show for weeks of hard work.

That feeling of wonder… why do all these people seem to make it look so easy but I put in so much time & get nothing back? 

When I started, I tried to do the ‘niche blog thing’ and never made any amount of money worth all my time and effort.

I failed. Hard.

I was about to call it quits when I thought: “What if I turn ads on, and change how I monetize my pages with cpa marketing? I wonder what would happen?”

I put my plan in motion over a period of 30 days with a very small budget.

I got to the point where I earned over 50,000 in profit in 1 month.

This was a massive breakthrough I made, and it changed the path of my life forever.

I was able to make the choice to leave a stable job and never looked back.

Looking back at my failures prior to that moment, it’s easy to see why I was never successful until then.

Making it as an affiliate is way harder than you think and there are a few reasons why.


Most people never earn consistent income because they have the wrong setup.

Competition & Campaign Theft

If you use poor methods they often die fast, and people will rip your campaign to kill it faster.

Mainstream Traffic Sources Hate Affiliates

Traffic sources constantly evolve and make it harder for affiliates to run compliantly.

The reason most affiliates fail is because they are stuck in the past.

Most affiliates try methods that used to work 10 years ago but now produce NO RESULTS.

The days of making a niche blog and waiting for Google to rank you fast are ending…

So What’s the Secret?

The secret to success is GETTING TRAFFIC FAST and using “Entry Point Income Pages” (EPI Pages).

If you are looking for the simplest way to succeed with affiliate marketing online, start this 30 day action plan and I will show you exactly how to set this up.

If you do things right, you can earn like clockwork and the best part is, it’s fun.

I want to explain the entire ‘beginner friendly’ setup to you, and exactly how you can start seeing REAL RESULTS in 30 days or less even if you have never done this before. 

What If You Had…

Life Changing Results Online?

Over the next 30 days you will be setting up something that provides long term stability.

Imagine having traffic and commissions you can rely on every single day for as long as you wanted.

No more worrying about the “feast and famine” cycles of affiliate marketing. 

A Real Asset You Can Sell in the Future?

You will see how to build something that no other competitor will ever be able to steal, and something that you can sell in the future!

Many affiliate marketers never build anything that they can sell…and they fail to think about a long term exit strategy. 

Unlimited Server Melting Traffic?

No more silly account bans, or Google penalties, or chasing traffic source after traffic source. This strategy is completely whitehat and can get you millions of clicks forever…


This Powerhouse Affiliate 30 Day Challenge takes you step by step to build a real sustainable online asset that can potentially earn daily commissions.

This training reveals EVERYTHING you need to know with NO nonsense, NO silly hype or guru BS.

I’m not holding back anything.

This is the exact step by step formula that earns me 3000-100,000/month online. It has served me very well and if I had to start from scratch, I would follow this once more to the letter.

I wasted away years of work until I got repeatable results for myself, and my training is handing it to you on a silver platter.

If you are looking for the FASTEST way to get results online to travel the world, stay home with the kids, or whatever you want, this is it.

You don’t have to waste away months or years of hard work to know if this is going to work for you.

This is truly one of the fastest ways to get results. 

Give me 30 days to prove that! 

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