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The Ultimate Trading Course

Watch And Read Below To Find Out How We’ve Helped 538 People Crack The Stock Market Code And Earn 6 Figures Per Year Trading Stocks

And more importantly, how you can do the same…

Earning Your Freedom by Trading The Stock Market

Learning the Foundations, Working From the Ground Up!

Taught by educator, investor, mentor: Sean Dekmar

So, you want to trade stocks? Why?

Like most of us, you want to:

  • ​quit your boring 9-5 day job
  • travel the world and spend time with loved ones
  • ​live life on your own terms
  • make the type of money you know you deserve without ever needing to leave your house or get out of your pajamas…

It comes down to 1 word:


We all want more freedom to do what we want and live life on our terms!

Well, learning to place a few well placed trades per week in the stock market gives us that Freedom.
But you don’t fully know how…
It’s not your fault.
Without a mentor or someone to show you these things, how are you supposed to know?
Look, we all have to start somewhere.
Maybe you haven’t quite figured out this stock market thing yet…
There are a few reasons WHY that would be:
– Maybe you’ve never even really tried to figure out the stock market.
– Maybe you have tried to learn about the stock market by entering a chat room, but you were bombarded with information and you couldn’t really grasp the lingo or dedicate the time to actually watch and listen.
– Maybe you got really really good at the stock market, but you like to stay sharp. It’s just the kind of person you are.
Either way, You were never quite able to pick it up as much as you would like…
You want more, this is good!
Yet, of course this doesn’t feel good.
It might even hurt a lot.
– To NOT be able to follow your calling
– To NOT live life on your own terms
To feel like you’re not good enough stings like 1,000 bees.
BUT, If you haven’t built a 6 figure account yet at this point,
that’s why you’re here…
I know, because I’ve been there.
I have felt like I’m not good enough.
I have had to work a job I hated.
I have had to live the life I did not want…

But it all got me to where I am today:

My name is Sean Dekmar

  • I am the Head trader of one of the worlds biggest day trading chat rooms, DekmarTrades, which over a 3 year span collectively had 15,000+ members.
  • I have spoken at Trading Conferences across the country, was a guest speaker on the American Investor Show, and have been a full time Day Trader for the past 5 years.
  • Last year when I did the Small Account Challenge I turned 4,000 into 80,000 in 6 months while live streaming every trade and showing all my Verified P/Ls.
  • ​This year I plan on starting with 3,500 and turning it into 100,000 within a 6 month span.

I want to hand you the plan…

  • ​The plan that brings me 6 figures every year on repeat from stock trading alone.
  • The one that allows me to live an extraordinary life, and train others to do the same.
  • The one that let’s me travel, and adventure or not even get out of my pajamas if I don’t want to…
  • Or (like some of my students) get closer with my family, and build my wealth from home as I watch my kids grow…

But WARNING Be Clear…

If you don’t take the time to learn the foundational skills involved with being a 7 figure stock trader that’s all available inside our BootCamp Course, when will you realize your dream?

Remember, results are not typical. My results and my students results are not promised to you in any way. It takes real learning and real work…
I’ll be the first to say that it’s hard.
But, how long are you going to need to put off learning what you need to know?
We are not just talking facts and figures here, we are talking about your dreams, my friend.
How long are you going to have to hold onto the pain of not living authentically?
…Not having your dream life?

You’ve got to EARN your Freedom.

You’ve got to fight for it…

How? Here’s what you want to do…

Stop living on other people’s terms.

It’s time to take a stand with more confidence,

This single decision can catapult an amazing career and life for you…

Learn to Make Consistent Profitable Trades In The Stock Market:

It’s time to learn what we should all be taught:

The FOUNDATIONAL Skills of Trading The Stock Market.

To create the vision and life that you see for yourself.

And to succeed in life, whatever that means for YOU.


Letter From The Editor

Do You Want To Learn How to Earn 100K a Year?

If you want to trade stocks so you can make an income off of the extra money you store up, but you don’t know how, we have the perfect plan for you.

Sign up now so you can increase your profitability and overall understanding of the stock market while you spend more time at home or doing what you love.
If you think I am doing this just for the money, I’ll be clear: you are wrong. 
I don’t mind making money, but I have plenty of it coming from different streams of income.
The real reason I wanted to create this BootCamp Course is to spread freedom.
More people deserve to have the life they truly desire, their success freedom. If you want your financial freedom as much as I did before I had it…
I really really really want you to sign up now. Let’s fix this for you.
If you want to keep going down the path you’re on now, good luck to you.
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