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In this course, you will learn advanced file and project management processes, how to design and build a design system from scratch, how to build an advanced responsive prototype, lots of UI design principles and ultimately tips, tricks and processes on the design handover implementation workflow.

Are you experiencing any of these pains?

Over 5,000+ students experienced atleast one of these pains. In the end they all walked away crushing them.

Struggling to find real-world Figma training to get job ready

Our masterclass course is not a collection of ‘cool tricks’ and ‘nice to have’ ideas.

Unsure how to structure, manage and present complex projects in Figma

You don’t only learn how to manage a project, but you get access to all our premade templates!

Want to learn the best practices in the shortest amount of time (without fluff)

We don’t waste your time with fluff and unnecessary things that don’t matter.

Feeling overwhelmed by all of Figma’s features and opportunities

You need someone to guide you through how everything in Figma is interconnected.

Extremely confused with Figma’s Autolayout and components feature

Time and time again our students have commended us for truly helping them understand Figma’s most important features.

Don’t know how to hand designs over to developers effectively

Learn how to document your designs, find real code references and pick-up a real world design process to manage stakeholders!

Here’s how we will ease your pain…

Why do 5,000+ designers love our course? Because it actually works.


Get started by learning how to setup and organise an end-to-end project

Before we dive deep into building a real-world project from scratch, you will learn how one is setup.


Build a real world design system from scratch

Immediately start learning how to craft the basic building blocks of a design system.


Learn and apply front-end development concepts

Understand key development concepts, so you can master Figma’s advanced features.


Design a responsive web page with your design system

Use all the global styles and components you’ve created in your design system to create a highly responsive and dynamic page.


Manage and organise all your design system components

Learn how to manage all your components across your project.


Learn how to document your designs for developers

Apply real world techniques and tactics to documenting your designs for developers.


Work 10x faster, gain respect and land (more) jobs!

Time and time again, our students have happily claimed they’ve landed new roles, more clients and have the confidence to work 10x faster!

What you’ll learn from this Figma course?

Module 1: Welcome

1. A warm welcome to all students
2. Install Files
3. Install Figma Plugins

Module 2: Figma Project Management ( Real Project)

1. Welcome
2. Overview
3. Exploration
4. Wireframes
5. Moodboard
6. Workspace
7. Design feedback
8. Final Designs
9. Design Implementation

Module 3: Master Design Systems

1. Welcome
2. Atomic Design Framework
3. Build a Scalable Colour System (Neutrals)
4. Build a Scalable Colour System (Dark Mode)
5. Build a Responsive Typography Scale
6. Responsive Grid Layouts (320px to 1440px, Including Fixed Sidebars)
7. How to Use the 4pt Grid
8. Create a Vertical 4pt Grid
9. Build an Advanced Icon System (4 Sizes, 2 Colours)
10. Build a Drop Shadow System
11. Master the BEM Model & Component Matrix
12. Build a Dynamic & Scalable Button Set
13. Publish a Design System
14. Using Design Systems Across Multiple Projects
15. Advanced Input Systems (Part 1)
16. Advanced Input Systems (Part 2)
17. Advanced Input Systems (Part 3)

Module 4: Master Responsive UI Design
1. Welcome
2. Understanding the Box Model
3. Understanding the CSS Flex box
4. Attaching a Design System
5. Design a Responsive Header
6. Design a Responsive Hero Banner
7. Design a Responsive Masonry Grid
8. Design a Responsive Floating CTA
9. Design a Responsive 4 Col Layout
10. Design a Responsive Footer
11. Adding Prototype Interactions
12. Managing the Design Feedback Process
13. Responsive Views – 1152px
15. Responsive Views – 320px
16. Designing a Responsive Mobile Header
14. Responsive Views – 768px
17. Building a Responsive Prototype
18. Preview Designs with Figma Mirror
Module 5: Master Figma Compnents
1. Welcome
2. When should you Componentize?
3. Global vs Local Components
4. Creating Local & Global Components
5. Deleting Component Variants
6. Modifying a Component
7. Creating a New Set of Component Variants
8. Publishing Large Design Systems Workaround
9. Detaching Main Components
10. Master Components
11. Prevent Master Components from Publishing
Modul 6: Design Implementation (“Design Handover”)
1. Welcome
2. Compressing Images
3. Compressing Images – FREE & High Quality Alternative
4. How to Run a Design Implementation Walkthrough
5. Preparing a File for Developers
6. Documenting Designs for Developers
7. Exporting SVG Icons
8. Exporting PNG Icons
Module 7: Bonus Challenges
1. Welcome
2. Build a Responsive 2 Column Layout
3. Build a Responsive Table
4. Create a Grid Box
5. Build a Scalable Progress Bar
Module 8: Prototypes & Animations
1. Chapter Overview
2. Smart Animate Overview
3. Animation Types
4. Animation Types (Exercise)
5. Easing the Easy Way
6. Figma Animation Prototype
7. Custom Figma Transitions
8. Final Challenges (Part 1)
9. Final Challenges (Part 2)
10. Final Challenges (Part 3)
11. Intro to Part 2
12. Design a Sidebar & Loading State
13. Design a Dashboard
14. Design a Customer View (Rows)
15. Design a Customer View (Grid)
16. Design the Add New Customer Modal
17. Design the Success Message
18. Plan your Prototype Sequence
19. Build your Prototype
20. Interactive Components Challenge (Part 1)
21. Interactive Components Challenge (Part 2)
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