Dhruv Rathee Master ChatGPT: Transform Your Life With AI Chatbots


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What is this Course?

This is a groundbreaking course on AI chatbots with a special focus on ChatGPT. I will teach you practical step-by-step techniques to use ChatGPT in your work life, studies and at home along with giving you a deep understanding of the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Prompt Engineering.

Who should Join?

The course is organised into six distinct chapters. There’s one chapter specially designed for school and college students, one for homemakers and general users and one for business owners and employees. If you fall into any of these groups, you will find the course extremely beneficial.

Prepare Yourself for the Future

Artificial Intelligence technologies will become as common as computers and smartphones in the coming years. This is your chance to get ahead and prepare yourself for the coming future.

Course Overview


Welcome to the course!

  • Introduction


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

  • What Is AI and Machine Learning?
  • Understanding AI Chatbots
  • What Makes ChatGPT Special?
  • The RLHF Method Explained


Chatbots and Prompt Engineering

  • ChatGPT vs Bing AI vs Google Bard
  • What Is Prompt Engineering?
  • Understanding Tokens
  • Temperature and Other Parameters
  • Toolkit for Best Results


ChatGPT for Learning and Education

  • How Foolish Students use ChatGPT?
  • Studying for Exams
  • Solving Maths & Science Queries
  • Studying Abroad
  • Career Counseling and Motivation


ChatGPT in Your Personal Life

  • Food and Diet Planning
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel Planning
  • Creative Storytelling


ChatGPT for Businesses and Employees

  • Application: Your AI Business Coach
  • Marketing & Listing your Business
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Customer Feedback Management
  • Jobs and Interview Preparation


Dangers and Limitations of ChatGPT

  • Limitations & Biases of LLMs
  • Should We Be Scared of AI?
  • Congratulations What’s Next?

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