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  • YouTube Growth Bootcamp Life Access: Priceless
  • How to Grow Your Business on YouTube: 997.00 Value
  • ​The Best Kinds of Videos to Get You Noticed: 997.00 Value
  • How to Create a Content Calendar that Crushes: 997.00 Value
  • Mastering the Only Metric That Matters: 997.00 Value
  • ​How to Create Winning Content: 997.00 Value
  • Community Creating Raving Fans: 997.00 Value
  • Attention Hacks & Optimization: 997.00 Value
  • Monthly Coaching Calls: 1997.00 Value
  • ​Bonus 1 Thought Leadership Academy Recordings: 997.00 Value
  • ​Bonus 2 Channel Breakdowns: 1997.00 Value
  • Bonus 3 Leverage YouTube To Dominate Other Social Platforms + My Private Strategy PDF
  • Collection: 497.00 Value
  • ​Bonus 4 Private Community Access: 997.00 Value
  • ​​Bonus 5 Free 1 on 1 Call with Evan’s YouTube Team: 997.00 Value
  • ​​Bonus 6 -Evan’s Ongoing Split Test Results: 1997.00 Value
  • ​TOTAL VALUE = 14,461.00

Here’s Just Some of The YouTube Growth Secrets You’ll Learn Inside The YouTube Growth Bootcamp…

  • Content Calendar Framework How to create a content calendar that crushes… (You’ll get the exact calendar template that I’m using.)
  • ​The step-by-step system for outlining, launching, monetizing and rapidly get your videos noticed… even if you’re starting without an audience.
  • ​Thumbnail Secrets The quick hack you can implement fast to get a 150% higher CTR on your videos… (and how to do it without killing your conversion rates
  • ​Lead Generation! How to use your Youtube channel to generate high quality leads… (critical if you sell services, books or consulting).
  • ​“Suggested Views” the strategy I used to generate 150M Views without any paid ads and you can do it too.
  • ​The ingredients consistently used in creating raving fans!
  • ​Business Growth How to leverage your YouTube channel to grow your business fast
  • ​Team Building. How to build your content creation team so you can become the thought leader you we’re meant to be.
  • ​Attention Hacks & Optimization… (this process has put myself and my clients in Forbes,
  • Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine and dozens of others).
  • The Bridge Audience. 10x Your Subscribers by guaranteed placing your videos in suggested on other big channels with Youtube ads
  • ​The Thought Leader Video Framework that increases your average audience retention by up to 50%.
  • ​ Social Media Domination! (This is where you take you YouTTube channel and grow your other social platform.s)

And that’s just a fraction of what you can find inside of YouTube Growth Bootcamp.

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