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#YouAreTheIndicator Online Course 1.0

The course was intentionally designed to get your forex education from where it is now to as close to “the end”, as possible. You will now feel true confidence.


60+ Value Packed Video Tutorials

Whether you’re a beginner or have a good handle on the basics, this course takes you through every step of the way on how to become a Forex Professional Now. Included in the #YouAreTheIndicator Online Course are all of the content in the In Person #YouAreTheIndicator Course.

Private Community Support

Instant access to the private Facebook group, filled with regular screen shots of wha I am currently looking at in the charts (probably the most valuable part of the course) trading contests, feedback Friday’s, peer mentoring.


Download slides, templates and project files to better learn Philip’s workflow.

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Your Instructor

My name is Philip Anglade and I am the Founder of FxProNow. I utilize my knowledge to show you the only things you need to focus on in order to become a Forex professional.

Trading is a skill that takes a lot of time and effort to get down pack. There are no guarantee’s that you will earn any money in the markets, as to I do not control your finger clicking the buy or sell buttons. What I do know that his course is designed to get you from the ground floor to the 7th floor of a 10 story building. It will be now up to you to go and walk the rest. The way you will do that is by making sure you apply the steps and rules that are taught and keep your mind right throughout the process. Keep your greed and patience in check and with this, lets become an FxProNow!

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the #YouAreTheIndicator Course ***DO NOT SKIP***

  • ***IMPORTANT*** What’s Your Contact Info?
  • ***IMPORTANT*** Join Our Private Telegram Chat (This is DIFFERENT than the “Main Chat”)
  • ***IMPORTANT*** Make Welcome Video & Add Into Our Facebook Group (4:56)

***IMPORTANT*** Our Weekly Schedule

  • Daily Chart Break Downs YouTube
  • Thursday 10PM ***Private Thursday Session Details*** ONLY FOR MEMBERS

Other Important Information

  • If You Chose A Monthly Plan
  • Equipment Needed (Laptop Info)
  • Rules for Facebook Group
  • Legal Information Policies and Procedures

Our Bigger Purpose Goal: Top 100 Omni Financial / Omni Giving

  • Why Are We Teaching People Forex? (10:28)
  • Paul Tudor Jones Net Worth 5.1 Bil Tudor Investment Corp

Call Me Before ing


1 Intro to Forex (Soon to be Updated)

  • 1.1 What is Forex & Why Do People Trade Forex? (4:03)
  • 1.2 What Do People Trade in Forex? (3:08)
  • 1.3 4 Major Markets in Forex When To Trade Forex? (26:17)
  • 1.4 The Difference Between Stocks and Forex (19:27)
  • 1.5 Calculating Pips Calculating Lots Risk Management (32:22)
  • 1.6 What Moves The Price of Currencies? Taught by Ray Dalio (30:59)
  • 1.7 ABC’s of Forex (All Important Forex Terms)

2 TradingView Fundimentals

  • 2.1 Setting Up Your Charts With TradingView (7:47)
  • 2.2 The All of The Tools of TradingView (19:17)
  • 2.3 More in Depth Look at Setting Up TradingView (7:38)
  • 2.4 How to Read Candle Sticks (11:28)

3 Get Your Mind Right Psychology

  • Psychology of Trading (Print This Out)
  • 3.1 Fear (9:45)
  • 3.2 Patience (7:04)
  • 3.3 Greed (4:24)
  • 3.4 Stick To Your Style (5:23)
  • Trading Plan Part 2: Grow Rich Action Steps
  • Book List

4 What Type of Trader Should I Be?

  • 4.1 Types of Traders/Styles (12:52)
  • 4.2 Types of Analysis (8:28)

5 How Timeframes Correlate With Each Other

  • 5.1 Timeframe Correlation (7:00)

6 What To Do On Each Timeframe

  • 6.1 The Purpose for Each Timeframe (12:33)

8 Where Do I Marking My Charts?

  • 8.1 Monthly & Weekly Key Levels (54:56)
  • How to Post Charts to The Facebook Group (7:56)

9 What Is Next?

  • 9.1 Daily & H4 Key Levels (17:14)
  • 9.2 AU- In the Field Daily & H4 Key Levels (37:16)

10 How Do I Know If The Market is Trending Up or Down?

  • 10.1 Market Structure Basics Uptrend (12:28)
  • 10.2 Market Structure Basics Downtrend (Will Be Re-Done) (6:38)

11 How Do I Know If The Market Should Continue Going Up or Down?

  • 11.1 Tested Support & Resistance (8:46)

12 How Do I Confirm That The Market Should Go Up or Down?

  • 12.1 Broken Support & Resistance (8:26)

14 How Can I Visually See Where The Market May Go Next?

14.1 Basics of Trendlines (7:18)

14.2 How To Draw A Trendline Uptrend (5:34)

14.3 How To Draw A Trendline Downtrend (3:03)

14.4 Trendlines UJ In the Field (10:23)

15 Is It Possible To Know How Strong A Support or Resistance Is?

15 Supply & Demand Zones (51:12)

16 How Do I Know How Far Price Should Retrace? How Could I Know How Fast and Where Price Should Go After A Retrace?

16.1 What is the Fibonacci Retracement Tool? (7:17)

16.2 Setting Up The Fibonacci Retracement Tool (4:55)

16.3 How To Draw Fibs Uptrend. (7:14)

16.4 How To Draw Fibs Downtrend. (4:41)

16.5 In Depth Look on Each Fib Level (12:37)

16.6 Fibs in the Field Uptrend (29:57)

17 When Exactly to Enter?

17.1 Break of Structure Uptrend to Downtrend (16:01)

17.2 Break of Structure Downtrend to Uptrend (11:56)

QnA Session 17.1 When should I dial down to the M15 if my focus is on the H4 and M30? (12:22)

18 How Do I Know Whether To Stay or Get Out of My Trade?

18.1 Maintaining Your Orders (7:56)

18.2 Holding Trades I Shouldn’t Have & Closing Trades You Should’ve Left Open (4:50)

18.3 Missing A Good Trade But Still Hoping In Bad Entry (3:11)

19 The Checklist Before Entry

19 Checklist Before Entry (19:19)

20 If This Happens Then You Should Do…

20.1 If Then #1 Breaking Through (21:13)

20.2 If Then #2 Reaching Towards (20:12)

20.3 If Then #3 Bouncing off of an Area (10:30)

21 You Will Mostly See This Happening In The Markets and This is How You Can React, Step by Step.

22.1 The Sauce (4:17)

22.1 The Sauce (Updated March 2019) (22:38)

22.2 Major Market Patterns (Up) (16:17)

22.2 Major Market Patterns (Up) (Updated March 2019) (24:32)

22.3 Major Market Patterns (Down) (12:41)

22.3 Major Market Patterns (Down) (Updated March 2019) (18:23)

22 Now that You Learned How to Trade Let’s Creating An Account

1.6 Downloading MetaTrader 4 on Mac Adding Demo Account to MT4 (29:38)

1.7 Downloading MetaTrader 4 for Windows (Chromebook) Adding Demo Account to MT4 (14:09)

1.8 Downloading MetaTrader 4 on Mobile Adding Demo Account to MT4 (13:38)

1.9 How to Create a Real (Live) Account Using HugosWay (17:54)

1.11 Create Your Live Account

22 OmniFinancial Money (Coming Soon)

23 OmniFinancial Money (50:37)

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