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Effective Writing Is the Key to Creating Better Content, Generating More Income, and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

…so why do so many people avoid it?

And why are so many okay just flat out sucking at it?

I’m going to break down exactly why—and how to fix it.

If any of the following describe you…

  • ​You want to use writing to form a deep, lasting connection with your audience, but don’t know how…
  • ​You write all the time, but you have no idea if you’re getting any better…
  • You know you have something to say, but you can’t quite capture it in writing…
  • You feel like your writing is “stiff” or boring…

 …you are in exactly the right place.

On the other hand…

If those don’t describe you…

…if even 1% of you thinks writing isn’t a huge advantage…

Then you are definitely where you need to be, because it’s even more important for us to talk.

Best for all concerned if you sit down, strap in, and put on a helmet—so we don’t make a mess when I blow your fucking mind.

First thing’s first. Introductions, and all that.

So. Hi there.
My name’s John Romaniello. I’m a writer, coach, tattoo collector, and the creator of Practicum Veritae (about which I shall tell you in mere moments).

If you don’t know my work and want me to check a few credibility boxes for ya, I’ve got that whole “New York Times bestselling author and 7-figure entrepreneur” thing going on.

Should you find yourself impressed by that sort of thing, awesome.

If not, my mom’s proud of me, and I’ve got this fancy stuffed platypus, so I’m set.

More than anything else, I’m a world-class brooder with a penchant for words, and I’m about to radically shift your understanding of writing.
But I’m also a pretty savvy copywriter…so before I wax rhapsodic about my love of the craft:
Gimme just 60 seconds to contextualize and show you why—despite living in the age of Instagram and YouTube—writing is still the most impactful skill you can learn.
Cool? Cool.

You Don’t Know
What You Don’t Know

In the main, people don’t focus on writing because they don’t know what to focus on.
There is so much that people don’t know, and so much they don’t know they don’t know.
If you’re like most people who struggle, you might have that same issue.
You don’t know how to make their writing better because you don’t really know how to define “good” writing.
So you don’t know if and when you happen to write something “good,” or how to make it better.
Resultant of that, they have no what of knowing if they’re improving.
So even if you did know the specific aspects to focus on, if you did happen to improve in some way, you’d have no real way to determining what worked and what didn’t.
In short, you’re stumbling around blind.
That’s okay. So are a lot of people; I’m here to shine light on it.
Let’s make this a simple as possible.
If you’re gonna write well, you need three things:
  • a clear voice
  • a defined process
  • a structured method for assessment

Let’s start with voice.

In the simplest terms, your voice “sounds” like you. 
The best compliment any writer can receive is, “I love reading your work. It always pulls me in. I feel like you’re talking right to me.”
That is voice.

Voice is what makes writing great.

If writing were just putting words down on paper in a sequence that made understanding the information possible, there’d be no art; just lists of facts.

When you truly learn how to convey your truth in a beautiful and impactful way, everything changes, from your personal relationships to the way people react to you in a professional setting.

Your writing Voice—the truest expression of who you are, put down on paper—is one of the most unique things about you.

So, regardless of what you plan to do with your writing, developing your voice is essential.

But. you probably knew that.

Now, here’s the part most people don’t know…

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