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Table of Contents

Anna Macko 2% Theory How To Go From 1K to 1M in 1 Year with the 2% Theory

This class will teach you how to make passive income The set up is less than 20 minutes and your returns are guaranteed in USD Average 12% Returns Per Year There are different options

Volatility of markets and crashes do not affect us

* I am not a financial advisor

* This is not financial advice

* This is simply what I do with my own finances

* Please be aware my social media accounts have been hacked there are people who stole my photos & imitating me & going by different names with my photos this is not me they either selling you fake products that change all the links that take you to scammy platforms OR they ask you to send Bitcoin to them Or they act as a broker you do not need a broker  please do not send bitcoin to anyone Use a credit card to pay for this course as when you use proper channels, you get protected

Course Contents

Welcome to the 2% Theory!

  • A message from Anna Intro
  • How to use this course

How to use this 2% Theory

  • Before you begin to Use the 2%
  • Theory2% Theory Strategy

The 2% Theory

  • Spreadsheet Your trading Journal 2% 1000 to 1,000,000 in 365 trades (part 1)
  • Landmark 1.1.

Crypto On Fire Add Ons

  • Get this!
  • We’re adding onto Crypto On Fire
  • Landmark

Stay Safe: Especially FOR USA Customers (and Quebec)

  • USA & Quebec are special
  • Landmark
  • VPN

Step 1: Simplify

  • Simplify & Focus Notes
  • Simplify Your Screen!
  • So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Step 2: Pick Your Day

  • Pick Your Day (live trade part1)
  • Types of Trading Days
  • 2% Theory Don’t Break These Rules

Step 3: Prepare & Protect yourself from losses

  • In action Protect yourself (live trade part2)
  • Explaining the taking part profit section
  • Protection Lesson Protect yourself from a loss
  • Risky

Step 4.1.: How to predict the future win every time

  • The Dynamite Candles Russian Dolls Strategy
  • The Tiger Tails strategy
  • This will make you BETTER
  • Wait for this to get in! Instant Profit!
  • Editing A Stop Market
  • Landmark

Steps 4.2.: Great tips Live Trade Entering Perfectly

  • Trade Part 3
  • Entering Perfectly Like Zen Master from Heaven on a Sunday

Step 4.3.: The FORMULA to win trades STEP BY STEP

  • How to win a trade every time! STEP BY STEP FORMULA
  • Landmark

Step 5: How to Take profit & stay in profit with this trick

  • How to Take Profit Fast
  • The trick of the trade Trick to stay in profit
  • Profit is Profit How to stay in profit
  • In profit Trick (j)
  • Profit in Minutes
  • Demo Taking Profit Automatically
  • Keep that profit!
  • Live Trade Stops
  • Live Trade Stay in Profit & Amend
  • Q&A Stay in Profit
  • Landmark

Strategy Never Lose Part 1: How to never get liquidated again!

  • Do not get liquidated! Need to fight it off
  • How to Never Lose a Trade
  • How To Never Get Liquidated
  • Avoid Liquidation
  • Signals
  • Important Lessons!
  • * Calculate before you liquidate chat while I trade
  • * Liquidation Price Leverage Risk
  • Don’t break this rule! FIGHT-LIQUIDATION with all you got!
  • Never do this!
  • Understanding how to play the game
  • Landmark
  • Avoid Liquidation

Strategy Never Lose Part 2: Did you Lose A Trade? Do this

  • Do this if you lost a trade
  • Don’t Blame the Market, Ask yourself this
  • How to Stop getting Liquidated
  • Landmark

Strategy: Get Rich with these Accounts

  • Your accounts strategy

How to become a Crypto Super Hero or Crypto Goddess (part 4)

  • The Super Hero Strategy (live trade part 4)

Super Hero Time! Live Trading Leverage lessons (Live trade part 5)


2% Theory Strategy Recap

  • 2% Theory Strategy Snake in the grass
  • 2% Theory Strategy Spot the Weakness
  • 2% Theory Strategy Avoid Liquidation2% Theory Strategy Make profits automatically
  • 2% Theory Strategy ETH BTC Tip
  • 2% Theory Strategy Limit
  • 2% Theory Strategy Stop in the name of love before you break my heart

Don’t make these mistakes

  • Mistakes Traders MakeIf you missed! It’s ok. Do this
  • Landmark


  • 2% Theory Results Worksheet
  • Landmark

Strategy: The Python Approach

  • The Python Approach Explained

Strategy: Sky is the Limit! The Instant Profit Strategy

  • 1. The Easy money strategy
  • Instant Profit When you do this! Fun to Wake up to!
  • 3. Just woke up 54% profit Don’t limit yourself! Use this strategy
  • 4. A Must Read
  • 5. What to be careful of
  • Landmark

Strategy: How to make a full-time income trading 2 hours a day

  • How to profit trading so you can quit your job
  • Landmark

Rule: Don’t try to save money by losing it Instead, Trade Faster & Don’t Miss

  • Trade Faster & Don’t Miss

Rule: Compound Interest 8th Wonder of the World

  • Compound Interest

Rule: When you start gaining 20,000+

  • Calculate this

Rule: Adaptor and Win Adapt to the motion of the ocean

  • 2% how to make money in Adapting to Bitcoin

Rule: An Important Rule about trading like a Rockstar

  • An important Rule About Trading Like a Rockstar
  • Bye Bye Money? People trading when they shouldn’t

Bonus Strategy: How to become a rich crypto rockstar!

  • Rockstar Freedom
  • Becoming a superhero!
  • Landmark

Bonus Strategy: How to Quit Your Job Using The 2% Theory

  • How to Quit Your Job with the 2% Theory

Bonus Strategy: Another way to make a side income with crypto with 1,300

  • With 1,300 How to make a side income!

Bonus Strategy: Another ZEN Calm way of trading!

  • Follow DirectionUSA friendly PlatformLive Trade (j)LandmarkFees (Update)

Before Bed Strategy

  • Before Bed Habits Strategy

Q & A: A. This Profit Calculator is BOSS

  • Question about profit calculation
  • Landmark

Q & A: Q.Realistically What can I make with 100?

  • Realistically, what can I make with 100
  • Worksheet Play with this to see realistically what you can make with 100

Q & A

  • MF
  • Why I enter Like This
  • ROE Q
  • Can I make 25k out of 5k?
  • QA Calculate this
  • Q&A
  • DO I buy this?

When is it gambling and when is it hunting?

  • When it is gambling vs hunting?

Next steps

  • Before you go

SNEAK PEEK Organising and editing these

  • The Wallet (for 100/day)
  • Wallets Wallets Wallets
  • For 100/Day Moving
  • Stops to stay in profit
  • profit in Minutes Stops to profit no matter what
  • Bull or Bear Market?
  • Common Mistakes
  • Locking in profit
  • Are you following the rules?
  • Missed it?
  • Growing like this Slow and Steady Wins the Race


  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

Your 2% Theory PLAN + QA

  • 2% Theory Trading Cryptocurrency Plan & QA

More Q&A

  • Why I am Stuck in Trade? It was green!?
  • Calculation QA

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