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Jen Sincero – You Are a Badass DIY Coaching Program

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At the core of You Are a Badass 8 Weeks To Awesomeness DIY Course is the work we do around identifying your tired old stories and beliefs and giving them the heave-ho so you can create new ones that are in alignment with who you truly are and what you truly want (and that will help you gain clarity if you’re a tad fuzzy about who you truly are and what you truly want).We work on raising your vibration, shifting your consciousness and getting you in the flow so your new stories can go beyond just, “yes please, these new stories sound totally neato” to you actually believing and embodying them as the truth.We also anchor them in by immediately applying them to one greatly desired and super specific goal, chosen by you, that you’ll achieve by the end of this program.

How The Program Works

Because this is a DIY course you can obviously go at whatever pace you’d like, but I recommend using the same 8 week time frame the live course uses. Basically, you will pick one SPECIFIC goal to focus on achieving by the end of the 8 weeks (or however long you choose to take). Your goal could be anything from losing 20 pounds to making $10K extra in your business to getting a thousand new people on your email list to organizing your trip through India to quitting your job and finding one doing X to writing the first draft of your book to creating a habit of meditating every day for twenty minutes to setting up an online profile and finding someone spectacular to date to figuring out exactly what the hell your goals ARE.

1x Weekly Video Coaching

Each week you get one or more videos where I walk you through a series of different processes designed to help you with things such as mapping out your goal, improving your time management skills, strengthening your confidence, honing your focus, shifting your perception, overcoming your fears, poo-pooing your excuses, keeping your accountability strong, your vibration high, your belief in yourself fierce and your movement towards your goal unwavering.

1x Weekly Goal Sheets

Each week you’ll reinforce the lessons in the videos and laser in on how they apply to your personal process by writing your observations down. (Fear not, I kept the written work short, simple and to the point, I promise.)

2x Monthly Recorded Q&A Calls With Jen

Every two weeks for the duration of the program, you’ll get to listen in on recordings of coaching sessions from past live groups. These recordings tend to be very valuable resources because the people on the calls are going through the same process you are, and many of their questions will be similar to ones you might have. Something that might take you weeks to figure out on your own could be solved in minutes on one of these recordings.

2x Monthly Meditation/Motivational MP3s

Because it’s of utmost importance that you keep your expansive mindset strong and refrain from sinking back into old, limiting beliefs, every two weeks you’ll receive mp3s that you can listen to at your convenience as many times as you’d like. They will be full of love, light, inspiration and ass-kickery.

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