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1 Intro

2 What Kind of Product Can I sell on Snapchat?

3 Checklist Before Launching First Campaign

Lesson #1: Install Snapchat Pixel

Lesson #2:  How to Create Creatives that Get Approved and Convert

Lesson #3: Test 7-10 Interest + Test A/B Creatives

Lesson #4: Pixel Purchase bid strategy

Lesson #5: Retarget Pixel + LLA Audience

Lesson #6: Scaling

I have made this course affordable because when I was starting out there was nothing like this around. I want everyone to be able to have access to my material and take advantage of it because I really want you to succeed. I know the feeling of starting from the bottom and feeling stuck please understand that I to started in the same spot as you and I truly wish you all the success.

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