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Jeremy Bellotti – Breakthrough Mastery

Secrets To Discover That You Have A Unique Personal DNA For World-Class Success And Inviting Massive Wealth Into Your Life.

What You Will Learn


Welcome to Breakthrough Mastery! Meet Jeremy Bellotti, who is a leading transformation coach and he’s here to help you develop into the BEST version of yourself. Watch the video to learn more about him and this course!

Breakthrough Mastery Starts Here

In order to achieve mastery in anything, first you must take that first step of committing to it. In this module, you’ll learn the importance of committment and how you can start developing habits that help you become the best version of yourself.

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Week 1: Live Your Purpose

In this lesson you’ll find your personal success and wealth GPS. Master the grit and growth mindset and map out your purposeful path. Here’s to the start of making big changes.

Week 2: Own Your Power

Your paradigm breakthrough starts when you claim complete ownership for everything in your life. Form new habits, rewire your mind to attract wealth, and accomplish your true goals.

Week 3: UpLeveling Performance

This week’s lesson is all about reaching peak performance. You’ll learn about the habits of millionaires, morning rituals for maximum success, and all about the secret flow state formula.

Week 4: Produce Your Freedom

This is all about getting results. You’re going to create your highest standard of freedom, and commit to producing results that align with your personal vision.

Week 5: Your FitLife Transformation

This is your physical health and vitality breakthrough. Learn how to optimize stress and take best care of yourself so you can be a peak performer every single day.

Week 6: Design Your Lifestyle

This is where you make breakthroughs in your lifestyle and relationships. You’re going to create an environment of excellence, network with influencers, and find the perfect work-life balance.

Week 7: Master Your Money

Your money and wealth breakthrough starts here. This is where you learn the 3 Accelerators of Wealth, and how to truly master the mental game of wealth for long-term success.

Bonus Week 8: Build Your Legacy

This bonus training module will prepare you for long-term success. Make your impactful business legacy breakthrough. Master the mindset to building wealth for the rest of your life. Learn how to take the entrepreneurial quantum leap!


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Get ready to take your breakthrough to the next level with the Breakthrough Mastery Bonuses. Get access to 6 exclusive bonuses including an MP3 meditiation series, audio coaching sessions, and a years worth of group coaching calls with Jeremy Bellotti.

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