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How marketers and copywriters can discover my:

“Most Valuable Email” trick

… and use it in an hour from now to start building authority, growing their email list, and even creating exciting new offers out of thin air

• Perfect if you sell services or info products around marketing or copywriting, and if you are willing to write about those topics regularly.

• If you are NOT primarily a marketer or copywriter, or you do not write about those topics, then I advise you NOT to buy this training. The Most Valuable Email trick will not work for all niches, markets, or topics.

My name is John Bejakovic, and if you are a marketer or copywriter, I’d like to make you the following offer:

For the not-too-cheap, not-too-expensive ticket price of 297, I’d like to pull back the curtain and teach you how to properly perform my “Most Valuable Email” trick.

And it really is a trick. You can learn it in under an hour and start using it by the end of today.

If you have your own email list… or if you’re looking to start one… if you are promoting your own copywriting info products… or if you want new clients for your marketing services… then using this trick in your emails will:

  1. Give you unquestionable authority and credibility, even if you are just getting started, and even if you have little to boast about so far
  2. Grow your list by word of mouth alone, without you doing much except continuing to apply this trick in your self-promotional content
  3. Turn you into an exponentially more valuable copywriter and marketer

How can I claim that the Most Valuable Email trick will do all this for you? Easy. It’s done it all for me, and more.

The only reason you should listen to me

In the words of master negotiation expert Jim Camp, you should listen to me just so you can say no to me. So you can say, “I don’t like what this Bejakovic guy has to say, and there’s no way he can teach me anything about email copywriting.”

Here’s what I can tell you about myself:

For the past eight years, I have been working as a direct response copywriter, specializing in email copy.

Over those eight years, I’ve written thousands of sales emails and managed the email marketing for many 7-figure and several 8-figure direct response businesses.

And each day for the past five years, I’ve been also writing my own email newsletter about copywriting, marketing, and influence. A lot of big-name marketers and copywriters read my emails every day. Here’s what a few of them say about me:

The one email copywriting strategy I would use if the copywriting gods forced me to choose just one, from here to eternity

Over 1,500+ emails and 5+ years of writing my daily email newsletter, I’ve experimented with dozens of different copywriting and marketing approaches and ideas:

  • Stories
  • Personal reveals
  • Pop culture illustrations (“The George Costanza school of client seduction”)
  • Shock and controversy
  • Checklists
  • Contrarian points of view (“The case against deadlines in your marketing”)
  • Straight up how-to advice
  • Numbers, results, case studies, and testimonials

I call these basic emails. Basic emails can and will work to make sales, and even to create some influence. But basic emails also have some real and growing problems:

1. Basic emails require authority and status to work well. For example, people love stories that show vulnerability — from the guru who’s already made tens of millions of dollars. But stories of vulnerability from the panhandler in front of the supermarket? People don’t love that so much. Same for shock and controversy, contrarian points of view, and even case studies.

2. Basic emails are becoming predictable. Many businesses — and hundreds of copywriters — are now sending out daily emails using personal stories or pop culture illustrations. It’s becoming an arms race where the only way to stand out is to tell better and better stories, to make more and more intimate reveals, to be more shocking, polarizing, even offensive. Basic emails are becoming hard work, and the payoffs are decreasing.

3. Basic emails don’t do much for you as the writer. If you write 1,300 “George Costanza school of” emails — well, you will become very knowledgeable about George Costanza, and maybe you will make some sales to boot. But you won’t become much better as a marketer or copywriter, because your 1,300th George Costanza email won’t teach you, the writer, much more than your 13th George Costanza email did.

That’s why, if I had to choose just one email copywriting approach for the rest of time, from here to eternity, I wouldn’t choose any of the basic email strategies above.

Instead, I would choose the Most Valuable Email trick.

The Most Valuable Email trick is different from all the basic strategies I’ve just told you about. It’s not stories… not personal reveals… not controversy… not conflict… and not contrarian points of view. And it doesn’t suffer from any of the real and growing problems, the ones I listed above, that basic emails face.

What’s so valuable about Most Valuable Emails?

The Most Valuable Email trick is my go-to whenever I want to stimulate and engage my readers, including the many grizzled, wary, and sophisticated marketers and copywriters on my list.

The Most Valuable trick is not predictable. In fact, most people find it surprising and pleasing if they ever do spot it in use.

Because of this, Most Valuable Emails have helped me sell stuff… grow my email list organically… get amazing job referrals… and sometimes even get interesting and cool stuff for free.

Most Valuable Emails never required I have any status or authority. Instead, they’ve helped me build up immediate and unquestionable authority — even when I had no standing in this industry. These emails make it 100% clear I know what I’m talking about, even when I don’t harp on about the great results I’ve had for clients or the testimonials or endorsements I’ve gotten.

What’s more, Most Valuable Emails have helped me create congruent and exciting offers, which people want to pay for, just by writing interesting content.

In fact, one Most Valuable Email I wrote started an accidental response frenzy, even when I had nothing to sell. Another Most Valuable Email became my best performing lead magnet, and got hundreds of new website visitors to sign up to my email newsletter and to start interacting with me.

And finally:

Most Valuable Emails are so valuable because I personally find them the most enjoyable to write. Going back to this type of email over and over has helped me stick with daily emailing for the long term. And each time I use the Most Valuable Email trick, it makes me a tiny but significant bit more valuable as a copywriter and marketer.

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