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John Jace – Trading Harmonically with the Universe | Instant Download !


Trading Harmonically With The Universe by John Jace
Unique, Like nothing for Traders ever Released before! 1000′s of hours of Research, Shave 5 years–or more–off Learning Curve. “For Passionate, Dedicated Traders Only”…….

Continuous Educational “Invite Only” Forums geared specifically For DVD Owners.

This program is the definitive guide to Vibration, Gann’s Laws of Vibration as he and Faraday called it. The True Secret and connection to Price in all Markets…

This alone is a Key Secret that after a lifetime of trading one might never see and Understand.

· Concepts include:
· Forecasting,
· Why Forecast using Cycles?
· Forecasting….Price & Time,
· The Key Secret of Forecasting,
· How do we “see” Cycles to Trade them for Profit,
· Does it work in all Markets? Yes!
· Understanding Harmonics,
· My revolutionary Harmonic Financial Astrology Approach,
· Coordinate Systems,
· Concept of Symmetry,
· Platonic Solids,
· Great Circles,
· Historic Correlation Proofs,
· Geometry of Time,
· Earth Jupiter Pairings,
· Numerology,
· The Planet that controls Major Moves,
· The Ruler of the S&P,
· How do I trade the Moon Tomorrow?
· Learn the Most Predictive Method to Forecast Support & Resistance in the Future!
· One of the Daily Rulers of the Markets,
· Cosmic Ping-Pong,
· Trading Rules,
· Determining the most Profitable Trades!
· How Cycles define your stops,
· On What Cycles do I take Profits?
· Preparing for tomorrow,
· Trading the Strongest Cycle of the Day,
· The Key is finding Significance!,
· Language of the Planets to the Markets!
· Critical Degrees,
· The Magic of Nines,
· The Egyptian Secret Star,
· Solar Cycles,
· Astronomical Functions for Intraday also apply’s to Swing Trading,
· Time concepts,
· Laws of Vibration Intraday,
· Special” Intraday Timing to the minute” Mysteries of the Universe,
· Tetrahedrons,
· Planets are Time,
· The Planet that rules Energy,
· The Trinity Concept* ,
· Timing effects of the Moon,
· Uncovering the Tangent Angle,
· The Asteroid belt the most important revelation,
· Using the Lunar Phase Angle to trade Price,
· The Billionaire Aspect,
· The Single most consistent & powerful Cycle to Trade,
· Why Cycles affect markets Differently?
· Understand the Prep for tomorrow,
And Much More!