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Introducing: “Script Shoot Share”

If you want to attract more clients and become a sought after expert in your industry… but you’re currently struggling with a limited online presence, or feel like you’re not able to keep up with the evolving digital marketing landscape, then the “Script Shoot Share” workshop is for you.

In this 3+ hour workshop we’ll show you how to script high quality videos with ChatGPT and Ai in seconds, shoot them easily in minutes and share them with your most ideal clients via a simplified approach to YouTube ads helping you generate more traffic, leads and sales.


  • Coaches
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Course Creators
  • ​Experts / Thought Leaders
  • ​Freelancers
  • ​Marketers/Copywriters


  • You’re struggling with attracting new clients and customers
  • ​You have an inefficient video content production process
  • ​You have a limited budget for video marketing
  • ​You have difficulty navigating YouTube advertising
  • ​You’re overwhelmed with the vast array of digital marketing tools
  • ​You’ve difficulty shooting and editing videos
  • ​You lack of cohesive branding in video content
  • ​You’re struggling to create engaging video scripts
  • ​You lack of knowledge about video marketing


  • Create attention-grabbing video content
  • Reach a larger audience of potential clients
  • ​Leverage AI tools like ChatGPT for content creation
  • ​Build a loyal online community
  • ​Be recognized as a thought leader in your niche
  • ​Attract and retain new clients
  • ​Build a strong personal brand through video marketing
  • ​Learn and implement effective YouTube advertising strategies
  • ​Showcase your expertise, work and value
  • ​Stay ahead of industry trends and developments
  • ​Streamline and optimize marketing processes
  • ​Get more traffic consistently and predictably
  • ​Grow your online business


  • Gain a streamlined and effective video marketing strategy
  • ​​Be able to leverage video marketing to reach a wider audience
  • Be able to create high-quality video content with ease
  • ​Save time and money on video production and advertising
  • ​Avoid falling behind in the competitive world of digital marketing
  • ​Have a comprehensive solution for video content creation and advertising
  • Be able to seamlessly integrate video marketing into your existing business strategy
  • ​Have a successful online business


During this workshop you’ll learn how to script and high-quality, engaging videos in seconds with ChatGPT using “perfect persona prompting”. You’ll discover how to quickly record professional looking videos that make you look great, position you as an expert and thought leader and engage your target audience. Finally and learn how to promote these videos with a simplified YouTube ads method to generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

  • Part 1: Scripting Videos with ChatGPT and “Perfect Persona Prompting”
  • Part 2: Shooting High-Quality Videos With Minimal Effort
  • Part 3: Simplified Video Editing With the “D.O. Method”
  • Part 4: The Most Cost Effective Traffic Campaign You’re Likely Ignoring
  • Part 5: ‘Advertising Architecture’ and Optimizing YouTube Ads
  • Part 6: Do’s and Don’t, Tips and Tricks, Resources and Q&A

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