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New ChatGPT Prompts Allow Beginners to Write and Publish a Book on Amazon In a Matter of Days

Picture this:

It’s the wee hours of the morning, you’re holding a book that’s touched your soul. Every word feels as if it was written just for you. You feel chills.

And for a brief, shining moment, you imagine what it’d be like to write a book of your own.

To touch thousands of lives, just like the author has touched yours.

You imagine appearing on prominent podcasts, greeted the moment you walk on stage with instant applause. You imagine royalties being deposited in your account month after month after month. You imagine appearing at the top of bestseller lists, a deep sense of security spreading through you because you know your credibility will never be questioned again.

But then, reality hits.

You’ve been thinking about writing a book for years, but you can never find the time. You know you’re procrastinating, but writing a really good book takes years of effort.

You shake your head. It’s a dream you tuck away, hidden deep within, because writing a book seems like a mountain too high to climb.

If this is you, I’m delighted you’re here.

Because I’m about to introduce you to a ground-breaking solution that’s been hailed as the “Speed-Writing Revolution” by Reuters.

The article tells the story of Brett Schickler — a salesman in Rochester, New York.

According to the article:

The article doesn’t say whether it was a bestseller or not, but still…

A 30-page illustrated children’s book in a matter of hours?

Sounds too good to be true? Trust me, I thought so too. Until I tried it.

What’s the Secret?

The secret is having the right prompts — a techie word for instructions — for ChatGPT.

Just picture getting off of work on Friday, your life the same as it’s always been…

When you get home, you open ChatGPT and start copying and pasting prompts — instructions for the AI that tell it exactly what to do.

First, a detailed outline of all your chapters pops out.

Copy and paste again… and it writes an entire chapter.

Finally, you instruct the AI to act as an editor from a major New York publishing firm, and it edits the entire chapter for you.

You follow this process again and again until you’ve written a first draft of your entire book. You spend a few hours making modifications, changing wording, adding in some personal stories, and…

The book is done.

Moments later, you’ve uploaded it to Amazon, and it’s on sale. You order a print copy and pay for overnight shipping, and it arrives the next morning before you go into work.

You stare at your name on the cover. You flip it open and smell the pages and ink.

A smile spreads across your lips. You realize your life is about to change.

30 minutes later, you walk into the office and toss your boss a copy of the book. “Look what I did last weekend,” you say.

Your boss looks confused. “You wrote this? I didn’t know you were a writer.”

“I am now,” you say.

Do you turn in your notice? Walk back to your desk and let your boss sweat?

That’s up to you.

What matters is you seized the opportunity in front of you, and now you’re a published author — a dream you thought would never come true.

But it’s here. Right now.

And I’m about to show you exactly what to do.

The Step-By-Step System I Used To Write My Book in a Single, Leisurely Weekend

Using the system I’m about to teach you, I wrote my book in a single weekend.

I wasn’t pulling “all nighters” or cramming to get it all done. I worked about six hours each day, taking a break for lunch and a leisurely walk.

The result?

A quality product that took a fraction of the time it would’ve taken in the past.

But even more importantly…

In a single weekend, I broke through years of procrastination and proved I really could write a book. Not only is it finished, but it’s already getting sales with dozens of five-star reviews.

And now I want to show you exactly what I did.

I recorded the process step-by-step with detailed instructions, the exact prompts I used, example videos where you can SEE the process, and homework assignments that tell you exactly what to do.

It’s a complete course that I call “Book in a Weekend” — because literally, anyone can follow these steps and write a book in a single leisurely weekend.

Let’s break down exactly what the course includes:

Module 1: Unearth Your Winning Idea

  • This is like your personal treasure map. It’ll lead you straight to a topic that’s just right, one that blends your passion with what your audience craves.
  • Feel that jolt of excitement as you hit on that golden idea. It’s like catching the biggest wave when you’re surfing. Pure exhilaration.
  • The exact research strategies I use to investigate ideas and unearth their potential
  • Picture this: total confidence, not just hopeful guesses. You’ll know you’re on the right track, no second-guessing. It’s like having a secret weapon in your arsenal.

Module 2: Outline Like a Pro

  • AI prompts well outlining your book for you, starting with the overall book outline and then giving you individual chapter outlines
  • Wave goodbye to the chaos of scattered ideas. This module gives you a clear, logical path for your book, like a road trip with the best GPS guiding you.
  • You’re laying the groundwork here, the solid foundation for your book. It’s like having the best architect guiding your hands.
  • No more vague thoughts or confusion. You’ll see the end from the beginning. It’s like having a movie spoiler, but one that only excites you more.

Module 3: Unleash Your Unique Voice

  • It’s you, not the AI, that’s crafting your masterpiece. The AI is just your sidekick, making sure you shine.
  • AI prompts that sounds completely human, so that everyone thinks you wrote every word of the book
  • Imagine this: holding your finished book, and knowing it’s a true reflection of you, but you didn’t even write it. That’s what this module accomplishes.
  • I’ll even give you prompts to make the AI edit itself, improving its own clarity and organization almost like you had a book editor with years of experience

Module 4: Publish like a Pro on Amazon

  • Unlock the secret of effortlessly navigating the world of self-publishing on Amazon. It’s like having a backstage pass in a rock concert, getting you past all the usual hoops.
  • Feel the thrill of seeing your book on Amazon — your name, your cover, your masterpiece, out there for the world. It’s like standing on the top of the mountain, flag planted, claiming your space.
  • Wake up to find your book climbing the bestseller lists, getting rave reviews, creating a buzz. It’s like the euphoria of crossing the finish line in a race.
  • No need to stress about formats, book covers, or pricing. We’ve got all that covered. It’s like having your personal assistant taking care of all the nitty-gritty.
  • The best part? Seeing the royalties roll in. The realization that you’ve not just written a book, but you’re getting paid for it!

Altogether, it’s everything you need to write and publish your book in a single weekend.

Picture this:

You’re sipping your morning coffee, its warmth seeping into your hands, as you navigate to Amazon’s homepage. Your fingers hover over the keyboard, then type in your name.

You press enter, and there it is — your book.

It’s not flashy or overly grand. It’s just there, modest yet impressive, listed among millions of others.

Your name is there, right under the title. YOUR title.

It’s a quiet moment, just you and your accomplishment, but it feels massive. The screen lights up with your work, your effort, your success.

You scroll through the page.

There’s your book cover, the one you chose after careful consideration.

There are the reviews, words from strangers who’ve connected with your story.

A sense of contentment washes over you. A quiet triumph.

You’re not a wannabe anymore. You are a real-deal published author.

Your work is up on Amazon, for anyone in the world to access. Your words, your voice, now have a global platform.

Each time you see your book — on your Amazon author page, on your bookshelf — you’re reminded of the journey. It was a journey filled with doubts and challenges, but here you are. You overcame. You wrote your book.

The pride you feel is subtle, a gentle glow that warms you from the inside. It’s not about the grandeur or fame. It’s about the accomplishment, the quiet fulfillment of a dream.

And that’s the essence of “Book in a Weekend”.

It isn’t just about writing a book. It’s about accomplishing something deeply personal. It’s about taking that dream that once felt so far off and making it a reality.

It’s your quiet victory.

And I’d like to help you make that victory a reality.

Everything You Need to Publish Your Book in a Single Weekend

With “Book in a Weekend”, you’ll go from dreaming to doing.

We’re not just talking about some half-baked manuscript, either. We’re talking a finished, polished, ready-to-publish book.

And the best part? You’ll do it all in a single weekend.


With “Book in a Weekend”, you’ll get LIFETIME access to:

  • Comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions
  • The exact AI prompts that I used to write my own bestseller
  • Homework assignments specifically designed to guide you through each step of the writing process

Plus, I have a little surprise for you…

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