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*Unlock The PROVEN 3 Step Blueprint To Making 10K + Per Month Online… In under 45 minutes a day without any experience or special skills

The UNBREAKABLE Method Behind Millions Of Dollars In Profits For Even BRAND NEW Marketers

Start Living Life On Your Terms…

And Enjoy Lasting Financial Freedom From ANYWHERE In The World! Meet the burned-out teacher who went from 50K in debt to making over 180K PER MONTH … And Why He KNOWS You Can Start Banking At Least 10K Monthly As Soon As 22 Days From Right Now …

At this point, your BS meter might be going off…

And you may be wondering 2 things:

  • How is money like that even possible for someone with no experience…
  • Is this guy completely full of 💩💩💩 ???

Fair questions deserve honest answers:

  • Thanks to the recent EXPLOSIVE growth of consumer spending online …
  • Now is the easiest time in history for anyone to profit from the trillions of dollars being exchanged on the web …

IF they know the simple but specific plan for doing it
Like everyone else, I talk a bit  💩 with my friends once in a while …
But I NEVER Joke About Money, And
This Is As Real As It Gets
Using The EXACT System I’m Sharing On This Page …

How Would Your Life Change With A MONTHLY Income Of 10K Or More?  Would You …

  • Do your ‘work’ from home, a resort, or the beach?
  • Quit your job, be your own boss, and set your own schedule?
  • Pay off debts and save thousands in interest?
  • Go on vacation wherever and whenever you want?
  • Spend more quality time with friends and family?
  • Treat yourself and your loved ones to special gifts ‘just because’?

Here’s The Simple 3 Step Method For Making 10K / Month From Anywhere In The World:

Find Digital Products MADE BY OTHERS That Solve Real Problems

  • This method is about making the most  in the shortest time, and quite simply digital products are the most profitable.
  • Once you can consistently find great products with a lot of “market buzz” already…
  • It’s simply about leveraging that existing buzz to make daily commissions.

Redirect EXISTING Internet Traffic

  • These products we’re finding already have a lot of buzz. Buyers are searching for them and the creators are pre-promoting them.
  • All we do is shift that existing online traffic to a simple page where people can buy the products and WE get the commission a win-win for consumers and for us.
  • You can do this with zero out-of-pocket costs by following my system.

Scale & Repeat

  • There are 2 easy and wildly effective ways to scale your profits with this system.
  • 1st – we use low-cost paid ads on YouTube inside you’ll see how I CONSISTENTLY make 5 back for every 1 in ad spend
  • 2nd – we create our OWN database of buying customers that we can promote to anytime we want at no cost for commissions on demand
  • These extremely high ROI methods are EASY to apply and are the key to creating life-changing income.

INTRODUCING . . . Ministry of Freedom

Cornerstone 1: MOF ‘Blueprinted’ Results-Driven Process

With EIGHT Weeks Of Guided Coaching On Every Aspect Of The System 2,000 Value

You get the system overview then complete step by step breakdown to take you from start to CONSISTENT profit. This is the EXACT method students making 10K per month and more are following. All content is continually updated and proven to work RIGHT NOW.

Zero fluff, wasted time, or effort. Just copy & paste the winning process
to be up, running, and making money, FAST.

Cornerstone 2: Three LIVE Coaching Calls Each Week With Me And My Team Of Expert Coaches 2,400 Value

This is where we go out of our way to ENSURE your success. We’ll check your progress & tweak what needs improving in real time. This shifts all accountability from “you” to “us”…
and we’ll force you to get results!

No trying to “figure stuff out yourself”. We’re with you to eliminate the learning curve and save you hours of frustration and expensive mistakes so many beginners struggle with.

Cornerstone 3: One FULL YEAR Of Mentorship & Coaching Smash Through Your Wildest Income Goals 6,000 Value

At the Ministry of Freedom, we take your success SERIOUSLY and leave no stones unturned. So we stick with you for an ENTIRE YEAR to make absolutely sure you’re getting the very best possible results.

You’ll constantly be leveraging the latest, most profitable methods uncovered
by myself and network of 7-figure marketing colleagues.

Cornerstone 5: The DFY 850/Sale Super Funnel To INSTANTLY Scale Your Profits 2,000 Value

This is the difference-maker. The part of the program that takes people from hundreds to THOUSANDS in weekly commissions. With everything already set up, all you do is copy & paste my ads, follow the instructions… and cash in an 850 commission from every single sale.

Maximize your income in the shortest possible time with this “set and forget” super funnel.

So Your Access Today Gives You All This:

  • The COMPLETE Ministry Of Freedom “Blueprinted” Process With 8 Weeks Of Guided Coaching Real World Value 2,000
  • 3 LIVE Coaching Calls EACH Week With Me And My Expert Team Real World Value 2,400
  • 1 FULL YEAR Of Mentor-ship & Ongoing Support Real World Value 6,000 
  • Full Community Access Including 24/7 Support And Networking Real World Value 2,000
  • Unlimited Access To The DFY 850 / Sale Super Funnel Real World Value 2,000

PLUS When You Join Today You Get These Bonuses Custom-Built To Bring You In THOUSANDS More In Profits

**Time-Sensitive Bonuses ONLY Available From This Page ** May Be Removed Without Notice

Bonus #1: Steal My Campaigns

Bank BIG From 7 Of My Top-Performing Campaigns… DONE FOR YOU  2,200 Value

The ultimate done-for-you, multiple income stream power pack. All 7 campaigns include a
high-commission product to promote and FULL plug and play marketing suite.

Everything created, tested and optimized by me personally.  You get the pages, promo emails,
buyer incentives and conversion tools to LITERALLY just plug in & profit from.

With this bonus you’ll be able to generate income QUICKLY even while
you’re just getting started with the program.

Bonus #2: Passive Income Accelerator

Profit Without Lifting A Finger  We’ll Set You Up To Outsource Everything 900 Value

This is where passive income becomes a reality! Did you know you can outsource practically
every task within this program to low-cost virtual assistants?

With this bonus, my team will train your virtual assistant so he or she can run as much or as little of the program for you.

ON TOP OF THAT, we’ll give you an extra set of login credentials for your spouse or partner
so you can run this as a team and potentially double your results for NO EXTRA COST!

Take advantage for a truly passive income business that runs itself.

Bonus #3: Commission Doubler

Double Your Profits Per Campaign… With ZERO Extra Effort 3000 PER YEAR Value

When you join MOF you get an INSTANT raise! Instead of making 50% commissions promoting my products… you’ll make 100% commissions on all future products I release.

Picture making 100s to 1000s extra PER campaign… for absolutely ZERO extra work!

Bonus #4: Perpetual Digital Asset Library

Free Access To Any Future Digital Product Or Software… Save Thousands On Essential Costs  3200 Value

Any upcoming product listed on Muncheye that you want… you get FREE.  This single bonus more than covers the cost of enrollment for most students.

Instant review access to these products means you’ll be both saving more and making more for a 2-in-1 profit boost!

Bonus #6: Four Figure Commission Boost

Get An Exclusive BUMP On Your Super Funnel Earnings… For A Cool 850 Commission Every Time
200 PER SALE Value

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