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“It’s not how hard you row… it’s what boat you’re in”

A Validated MODEL

Check out this case study detailing the crazy-fast revenue growth by a college student, who recently built something similar!

Massive TAM

Think this market saturates fast? Think again. There are millions of websites in every niche looking for AI sales/support.
A Surging WAVE
The AI wave is here; don’t miss this generation’s most explosive path to financial freedom!

I’m kinda pumped about this…

Yep, this will teach you every single step to build an AI Chatbot, powered by ChatGPT.

“But is it just a chatbot clone of ChatGPT? Why on earth would I need that?? We… um… kinda already have ChatGPT”

🏆 Nope, not just a clone. I’ll show you how to train the bot on your client’s knowledge & FAQs, and answer exactly like a better version of their current support rep. 😎

🏆 Oh, and the bot will be laser-focused on generating leads for your client.

🏆 Oh, and the bot will auto-magically send leads off to Zapier or anywhere else (via webhook) so the possibilities with this are kinda endless.

🏆 Oh, and this isn’t just a course… I’m providing the full app license, too, so you can launch today, and learn tomorrow.

💪 Like I said, I’m kinda pumped. When I started this thing, I set out to change my students lives & livlihoods (like NoCode changed mine), and I really believe this one can do just that.

🤔 And, if you’re not ready to start a business, but just want to learn how to build cool stuff with #NoCode, what better way than to do it alongside the most cutting-edge AI software on the planet?

😎 This course caters to newbies and experts alike. It starts with beginner concepts, and slowly progresses to more advanced material along the way.

🚀 So, what’re you waiting for? Join today! 👇

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