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How I went from burned-out dentist trapped in the rat race to full-time creator using the High Impact Writing System

Survive the fast approaching AI-pocalypse and attract an engaged audience of fans (even if you’re not an expert writer)

Dear friend.

If you want to accelerate your creator career with a powerful writing system that pulls people into your world, then this letter will show you how.

Here’re the details:

The internet is one of the best opportunities to do work you love, when you want, with who you want, wherever you want.

But more and more people are realising the online potential. Crowds flood into the creator economy each day.

And now we have the rise of robots like ChatGPT pumping out relentless generic content.

Rising above the noise is becoming damn near impossible.

Your ideas deserve to be heard. So if you want to reach people you can help by arming yourself with a high value skill, then the next 5 minutes will be an important read.

Because I’d like to invite you to join over 1,000 entrepreneurial creators taking advantage of the system I’ve used to attract an engaged audience of over 190,000 people and build a multi-six figure business.

But before I do…

Let me give you a quick run-through of how I went from a generic creator struggling to make a dime, to building a pretty sweet freedom-first biz… and how you might too.

A scrappy escape from the 9-5

2 years ago, I used to be a dentist. But after almost a decade of drilling teeth I was burned out and desperate to escape.

Sure, the pay was good and the parents were proud.

But I, like you, had a problem with the ‘normal’ 9-5.

Wasting away in traffic, working a job you don’t love, trying to enjoy life in the small, exhausted windows of weekends and evenings?

No. Thank. you.

I dreamed about a creative career where I could help people with my ideas. I wanted to earn with my mind and not my time.

But I had ZERO clue how to make it happen.

…Until a friend introduced me to Naval Ravikant.

What you need to succeed in 2023 as a creator

Naval explains that the internet is your best chance to build wealth and be happy instead of the usual grind we accept for work.

Which, by the way, was ridiculous to me at the time. Money and misery always came hand in hand.

But the more I listened, the more I realized I’d got it wrong. The creator economy was an opportunity too good to miss.

Naval’s advice on how to make it online?

Build an audience.

If you have thousands of people who like and trust you, then you can build a business serving them.

Simple enough, right?

But you know as well as I do, it ain’t.

Most people can build an audience… but only a few can build a business

A recent report from Linktree found that only 54% of ‘full time’ creators were earning over 1,000… annually!

Unfortunately I spent my first 18 months as one of them. Actually, I’m lying I couldn’t make a single dollar.

I bought the usual growth courses and followed the ‘big’ accounts. I created every day. But I was getting nowhere.

I was on the edge of giving up when I realized something:

Every successful creator has an audience… but not every creator with an audience is a success.

Because it’s not just about numbers.

I started studying the creators who were making a real impact. And guess what? They all swore by one skill:

Most people think they suck at writing… but they just don’t have the right system

It’s a bit like going to the gym.

The start sucks. You have no clue what you’re doing and you think everyone’s judging. But the more reps you put in, the more confident you get.

But unfortunately, most people never progress past ‘noob status’.


Because they don’t follow an effective routine. Or, in this case, a simple system.In reality, there’re 3 ‘big lifts’ to focus on:

  1. Giving advice
  2. Writing with personality
  3. Sharing interesting stories

If you nail these 3, it’s only a matter of time before you attract the right kind of audience.

When I realized this I built a system to get good at all 3 areas.

It wasn’t an overnight transformation (nothing worthwhile ever is), but I did finally start to see results.

And as I improved, I even got a compliment from my favourite writer saying, ‘What the hell happened? How did you get so good so fast?’

But most importantly…

I began to connect with my audience.

Personality and storytelling is VITAL for succeeding in today’s digital age (and it’s not as hard as you think)

A recent report found that AI could replace over 300 million jobs.

It’s scary… but here’s the truth:

People will always want to learn from people.

I’ve noticed a trend emerging over the past few years. As generic content floods social media, people are being pushed toward the creators they like the most.

Because your audience doesn’t want more information. They want connection. They want to hear your stories, values, and beliefs so they can relate to you in the sea of noise.

A lot of creators still haven’t realised this.

…Which is great news for you.

Your ideas will turn into income… if you do it right

The creator business is the relationship business and writing is how you build a bond at scale.

Attract an audience the right way, and you have the perfect platform to launch and scale your business.

Trust me:

Online, your income is a measure of your impact.

Because despite what commodity creators believe, your audience is more than just a number on a screen.

They’re people.

With real problems, pains, doubts, and fears.

And once they trust you, they’ll tell you about them so you can build solutions and invite them to invest.

Announcing: The High Impact Writing System

High Impact Writing is a high quality video course.

But it won’t teach you how to ‘build an audience.’ It’ll show you how to attract one by communicating effectively.

You’ll learn how to combine copywriting, storytelling, and content creation to find your followers and transform them into fans.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Module 1:

Nail your niche

  • How to stop worrying about your niche… and the 3 things to focus on instead
  • Why Twitter (or X) is still the best platform for a creator
  • The tiny difference that makes marketing either slow and painful or effortless and enjoyable
  • Why aiming for authenticity holds you back… and what to shoot for instead
  • What to do when you want to write about multiple topics

What’s more, you’ll get a skill most creators overlook (or get wrong all together):Understanding your reader.You’ll learn:

  • A small ‘trick’ to instantly know who to write to… and how this leads to building your dream business
  • How to avoid the ‘big creator with a tiny income’ trap
  • How to use the ‘Success Story Framework’ to understand PRECISELY what your audience wants… and how to give it to them

Module 2:
How to write scroll stopping short form content

  • How to use the 3 pillars of magnetic writing to pull followers into your world and convert them into fans
  • My little trick for making Twitter easy (Alex Hormozi swears by this)
  • How to use the StoryTweet framework to share stories every SINGLE day… even if you’re a beginner storyteller!
  • How to write tweets that ooze with curiosity and emotion… including line-by-line demonstrations
  • The ‘Sexy Sentence Toolkit’ that’ll help you pack a punch with powerful statements (and keep people coming back for more)
  • Two questions that guarantee you’ll become a personality in your niche (and 2 ‘little tricks’ I use to do it right)
  • How to use the ‘inside joke method’ to make your audience build your brand FOR you

Module 3:
How to hook and hold attention with long form social content

  • The only 7 types of long form content to focus on for the biggest impact
  • What the best writers do BEFORE they write to make their content slick, simple, and engaging
  • My step-by-step process to writing threads in MINIMAL time WITHOUT sacrificing quality
  • A little trick to master writing heavy hitting viral hooks fast
  • The blueprint to keep people staring at your body (copy) and transform your writing into a ‘slippery slope’
  • A ‘Thread Action Plan’ breaking down how you can go from nobody to authority in as little as 90 days… I’ll literally tell you what to write!

Module 4:
Accelerate Your Authority

  • The 7 steps for building in public the right way… (turn your audience into your cheerleaders)
  • How to use data to rapidly improve your ideas, writing, and build a unique message
  • LIVE examples of how to turn 1 great tweet into 10 using the ‘Hall of Fame’ technique
  • The HIDDEN data point most creators ignore that will help you get more followers with a SINGLE tweet than your most viral thread content… (this feels like cheating)
  • Why ‘word of mouth’ marketing is gold dust for your business… and 4 simple tactics to get it right
  • How to build unique frameworks using the ‘Why. Who. How. What.’ framework
  • How to ‘coin a term’ behind your brand so you stop competing in your niche and become one

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