Matthew Dicks Anatomy of a Story

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Matthew Dicks - Anatomy of a Story

Anatomy of a Story

Step-by-Step Crafting of Personal and Professional Stories

Putting together all of the pieces to help you craft your best stories in just one week.

Become a better storyteller so you can build stronger connections, make lasting impressions, and have a more significant impact in your personal and professional life.

People want to tell better stories, but they often don’t know how.

They see storytelling as a large, complex, intangible process that requires years of training and experience, powerful memories, sizable vocabularies, and the ability to write well.

None of this is true.

Storytelling is a craft that can be learned quickly and easily when taught properly; best of all, storytelling is not like math. There are no right answers. You need not get every step correct to tell a great story. Learning just a few strategies, or even just one, will instantly make you a better storyteller.  The kind of person who will be heard and remembered.

Learn how to tell the right stories well and to experience the limitless benefits of great storytelling.

  • Choosing the right story to tell
  • Practical strategies to determine how to start and where to end your stories
  • Earning and keeping your audience’s attention
  • Determining what is important and what to avoid
  • Injecting humor, and strategies for being funny even if you’re not
  • And much more!

When you tell a story well, people remember what you said.

Stories allow you to plant yourself in a person’s heart and mind.

A well-told story causes people to trust you, believe in you, and feel deeply connected to you, even if they don’t know your first name.

By having stories to tell and by telling them well, you can turn almost every conversation into an opportunity to engage, influence, and persuade another person. You can convince them to see the world in a new way. Shift their thinking on a subject. Even change their mind.

During the seven-part series, Matt reveals the ideas behind the strategies which make them so effective.

He provides actionable insights and ensures that every one of his students is able to produce stories they are proud to share;

Part 1: Thesis Statement

Discovering a moment of change in your life. Not “stuff that happened over time” but a real moment of transformation or realization.

Part 2: Framing Your Story

Define how your story should start and finish.

Part 3: Scenes

Learn to plan and tell your story like a film director by creating a movie in the minds of your audience

Part 4: Hooking Your Audience with Three S’s

How to use the Three S’s to grab and hold your audience’s attention

Part 5: The Cutting Room Floor

A strategic method for deciding what goes into a story and what must be left behind

Part 6: Humor

How to incorporate humor in your story even if you’re not naturally funny

Part 7: Putting It All Together

How to finish off and tell the story in a way that people will remember for a long, long time.

What’s Included?

  • 7 Part Video Series
  • Worksheets
  • Daily practices
  • Templates
  • Samples

Important information about this 7 part series:

  • The story you create can be a personal story used in your personal life, or else it can be a story you use for your business, regardless of the type of business you are in.
  • I’ll be walking alongside you, crafting a brand new story of my own. I will teach you how to craft an excellent story, and you’ll watch me do so in real time!
  • You will receive an actionable worksheet you can fill in daily as your story is built out. This worksheet will become the road map for your story, and you can use it for any future stories you want to create.
  • I am a storyteller and public speaker performing routinely on stages nationwide. Several times per month! This will not be a theory or strategy taught by someone who doesn’t do the job or has never done the job. You’ll be learning from someone who has been successful in walking the walk.

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