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Special Invitation: Copy Our Simple “One Product Formula” That Made 1,015,363 In Only 4 Months On A Brand New Store…

  • Step 1: Watch The Video Below
  • Step 2: Download Your Free List of 50 Proven Products

From 0 to 1 Million in 4 Months With a Brand New Store, With Every Step Recorded In One Of The Most Powerful Case Studies Ever Released.

Find Out Exactly How We Chose The Product, Built The Store, Set Up The Apps and Fulfillment, Scaled To 1M Fast, and Automated The Whole Thing To Require Only A Few Hour Of Work Per Week.

  • The Million Dollar Micro-Brand Case Study
  • The Million Dollar Ads Case Study
  • The Million Dollar Store Case Study​
  • Bonus 1: Million Views Video Ads
  • ​Bonus 2: Private Facebook Coaching Group
  • ​Bonus 3: Weekly Product Giveaway
  • ​Bonus 4: Google Ads Case Study

What’s Included:

– Million Dollar Micro-Brand Case Study: Watch as we show you how to find proven products, and quickly build micro-brands that can scale to a million dollars. This includes seeing our product and store, and the exact process we used to set it all up!
– Million Dollar Ads Case Study: Watch as we show you how to set up your ads, test them with small daily budgets, and then scale them to a million dollars in sales using our unique “low risk, high performance” framework. This includes seeing inside the ad account and all our ads- nothing held back!
– Million Dollar Store Case Study: Watch as we show you how to set up your store for higher conversions, increase your order value, what apps to use, what emails to send, how to automate your customer service, and how to source products for cheaper costs and faster shipping. This includes an inside look at everything we did with our store so you can duplicate it!


– Million Views Ads: We’re including a bonus module that shows the science of creating a video ad that can get millions of views and generate a million dollars in sales.
– Private Coaching Group: This is our private members-only group where we do ongoing training, provide support, and give you near-immediate help with any questions you have.
– ​Google Ads Case Study: This bonus section will show you how to set up everything you need to start getting traffic with Google. As well as an inside look at 2 simple campaigns currently making us an additional 10K+ each week on small budgets!

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