Nik Maguire Course Selling Masterclass


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In this step by step tutorial, best selling author and digital marketing veteran Nik Maguire will walk you through each stage of building a self-funding funnel for your Teachable school. This step by step course builds a live and published self-funding funnel for a new Teachable school in the fitness sector. Watch as the self-funding funnel generates new course sales within 24 hours. Then see after 1 week that this self-funding-funnel has generated 50 new course sales and paid for all the advertising.

  • 1 Course Introduction Strategy & Solution.
  • 2 Make Teachable Reachable Get New Students to your Sales Page Every Day.
  • 3 The Hidden Technology Elements your School Needs to be Efficient.
  • 4 Sales Funnel Techniques to Increase Signups, Sales and Cover all Ad Costs.
  • 5 Improving and Simplifying the Sales Experience to Increase Student Enrollment.
  • 6 The Results after 1 day and after 1 Week.

Nik Maguire Course Selling Masterclass (1.09 GB)

1-Course Introduction Strategy & Solution

  • Introduction And Strategy For Health And Fitness Course.mp4

2-Make Teachable Reachable Get new students to your sales page every day

  • Creating an audience in Facebook Part 1 Leveraging existing databases.mp4
  • Creating an audience in Facebook Part 2 When you have no data and how to expand small databases.mp4
  • Facebook campaign creation And optimization specifically for SELLING Teachable courses.mp4

3-The hidden technology elements your school needs to be efficient

  • Installing Facebook Pixel into Teachable for event tracking.mp4
  • Quick hack for ensuring your Pixel is working.mp4

4-Sales funnel techniques to increase signups, sales and cover all Ad costs

  • 2 routes new customers come to you and how you can integrate them both into Mailchimp.mp4
  • Automate student enrolment.mp4
  • Concept introduction and important principles.mp4
  • Email best practice to ensure maximum lead magnet to trip wire conversions.mp4
  • Issues to overcome and simplify when dealing with Facebook traffic.mp4
  • Mailchimp integration alternative elegant version.mp4
  • Mailchimp introduction and one (inelegant) option for quick website integration.mp4
  • Quick introduction to important tools for the website journey.mp4
  • Rationalising the sales pages for all user journeys.mp4
  • Recap and overview of this critical stage on how to generate sales.mp4
  • Tripwire Introduction and smooth frictionless user journey to increase signups and automate the sales process.mp4
  • WordPress Mailchimp responsive modes for mobile and tablets.mp4

5-Improving and simplifying the sales experience to increase student enrolment

  • Bringing the email elements together to retarget sales conversions with course tagging.mp4
  • Creating the main component of the sales page Part 2 with final example.mp4
  • Creating the main component of the sales page.mp4
  • Formatting the sales page for maximum tripwire conversions for self-funding funnels.mp4
  • Instant sales page improvements.mp4
  • Reducing dropped carts by improving checkout and identifying buyers from none buyers.mp4
  • The one copywriting secret every sales page needs to increase conversions.mp4

6-The results after 1 day and after 1 week

  • Amazing results after 1 week.mp4
  • Results after 1 day.mp4
  • Summary of results and why we have a successful self-funding (liquidating) funnel.mp4