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Let me teach you everything I know about running a 10,000/month Notion consultancy.

From start to finish I’ll show you how to create a Notion Consulting business that is set up for consistent, effective, and scalable results.


There are only 28 Certified Notion Consultants worldwide. Learn firsthand how to harness this market of 3,000,000+ users and create your dream career. Taught by Molly Jones, Certified Notion Consultant.

What is a Notion Consultant?

In short, it’s a Notion mastermind, a Notion guru, a Notion obsessed human who transfers their skills to businesses in need. They create custom workspaces, provide coaching, and a variety of other services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. ANYONE can become a Notion Consultant. The only pre-requisite is a passion for this amazing app, and the desire to share that with the world. You can learn how to use Notion through YouTube, paid courses, or on your own. However, this is the ONLY course and content that teaches you how to become a Notion Consultant.

Take your passion and make it profitable

  • Does the idea of making 10,000 USD a month inspire you to try something new?
  • Do you love coming up with new Notion workspaces and find yourself “playing” in Notion, rather than doing your actual work?
  • Were you already contemplating this career change, but didn’t know where to begin?
  • Are you ready to make the switch to remote work, setting your own hours, and becoming your own boss?

Course information This will be the last and final live course. Future courses will be pre-recorded, so take advantage of this great chance to learn together, rather than on your own.

  • Get your education in real-time. The beta course is delivered live via Google Meets twice a week for four weeks at 7AM GMT+7. Please let me know if you’re interested but this time doesn’t suit.
  • Delivered in the next few months. The absolute last day for the course to start will be July 1st, 2021.
  • Live Q&A with a Certified Notion Consultant. Within each session I will open the floor to all questions, comments, and feedback.
  • Unlimited access to course notes, recordings, resources, and action points. After every session I’ll release an outline in our Notion workspace of what we’ve covered. This also includes any additional resources, exercises, and checklists to easily get started on your next steps.
  • The consultant’s corner. Access to every tool, template, and process I use to organize my business. Why reinvent the wheel when you can hit the ground running?

What you’ll learn

Across four distinct course modules, and eight easy-to-follow lessons you will learn absolutely everything you need to know to be successful. Plus the inside scoop as to exactly how I went from 0 to 10,000 a month in just six months.

  • The foundations for success. Please, let me save you countless hours by detailing the exact steps you need to do, and WHEN to begin your journey. From building your brand, to preparing for your Certification, this module is crucial for setting yourself up for success.
  • The technical how-to. It’s safe to say, if you’ve made it this far, you’re comfortable with Notion. But are you comfortable with consulting for Notion workspaces? Understand the basics of solutions design and how to easily bring your client’s vision to life. Expand on your practice and learn how to create your website, price your services, and build on your unique selling points.
  • Managing a Notion based business. From client processes to managing your ‘back-end’, I’ll show you the tools and techniques I use to stay sane. Whether it’s marketing or maintaining your client relationships, after this module you’ll be ready hit the ground running.
  • Creating growth and scalability. Why stop at consulting? Once you have a proven track record for success, become more than a consultant, and build your empire. Hiring, process improvement, passive incomes, and more are covered in this module.

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