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How I Make Over $8000/month* in Profit from Pay Per Call. It’s Time for a Change.

Pay Per Call Super Affiliate & Professional Digital Marketer
Exposes Methods & Tactics for Passive Income.

PAY PER CALL EXPOSED was created with 5+ years of my own experience from promoting my first offer to $8,000* profit in a month.

Learn Proven Methods from 2015 & 2016 by one of the Top Earning Pay Per Call Marketers!

·       Currently Promoting Offers & Not Making Money?

·       New to Pay Per Call & Need a Step by Step Guide?

·       Looking for New & Proven Ways to Promote Pay Per Call?

This ebook (online guide actually) is from all those years of experiences and failures which now are all documented and summarized right here on this site! (I wish this was around when I started, pay per call I would be so much farther ahead!)

Mastering Pay Per Call Marketing – Step By Step

The challenge we all face is that there isn’t any “proven” or “how to” information online about pay per call – until now. Yes it’s been around for a 6+ years but the adoption rate has been slow because many affiliate marketers can’t get out of doing the same old tactics over and over. TIME FOR A CHANGE!

What will you learn from this online tutorial & guide:

·  Step By Step Guide – Start to Finish to Run Pay Per Call Offers

·  How to Buy Different Types of Advertising and Save Money

·  See My Real Examples of Current Methods & Tactics that Work

·  Learn How to Make a Responsive Site that Converts.

·  Beginner & Advanced Conversion Tracking for On-Going Profitability

·  How to Easily Negotiate Higher Pay Outs with Networks

·  How to Manage and Promote Multiple Offers with Ease


I show you how to understand your customer, and how leverage that with Pay Per Call Marketing!

 What’s Included in the Members Area?

Simply put this is your online guide (tutorial) to excel your pay per call affiliate marketing performance to the next level. No Fluff, just the details. Perfect for novices to experts! You’ll see the secret strategies and tactics not previously exposed.

You will learn:

  • The basics of pay per call and why the high pay outs
  • Real examples of current strategies and tactics I use today.
  • My secret list of paid and free tools, and sources of data to power your marketing
  • My step by step methods to setup landing pages, ads and keywords for maximum conversion
  • Why understanding customer behavior is important to win
  • How to use pay per call in social – and get calls!
  • How to be cost efficient in outsourcing tedious tasks
  • How to monitor performance and optimize profits
  • How to get pay out increases with a proven process I use

Want Financial Freedom? Then Commit with “Pay Per Call Exposed”

Many affiliate marketers are still trying to have their “claim to fame” in the over saturated space of  “traditional” affiliate marketing. It’s time to go somewhere that isn’t saturated: PAY PER CALL. Honestly, it’s more than how much money you are making – but more about how much TIME YOU CAN BE SAVING WHILE MAKING MORE MONEY! (I have a family so time is important to me)

· Conversion rates as high as 30-50% vs. 2-5% from traditional affiliate programs

· Pay per call pay outs from $20-$350 per converted call! (Imagine you convert 10-20+ calls a day? you’ll be laughing to the bank!)

BONUS: The Only Online Tutorial which Includes Pay Per Call Coaching

Buy today and you will receive 3 weeks of personal coaching & support over email from me.

  • Ask any questions, I am here to help you start
  • Maybe you need marketing help?
  • Get my opinion on your approach or website
  • Content is regularly updated with Fresh Ideas

Now you have no excuses not to be successful with pay per call.

I want to be clear – This is NOT a “get rich quick scheme”. This is an in-depth step by step guide from start to finish showing you how to master pay per call affiliate marketing for short term wins and long term financial gains. My goal from this online guide is that this becomes your new business which you will be proud of – as I am. The possibilities are endless! It’s time for a change.