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Sarah Von Bargen – More Money + More Happy Bootcamp | INSTANT DOWNLOAD !


You can add more money and more happiness to your life, starting today.
I can help!
You probably need less money than you think to have the life you want.

(Yes, I realize that sounds unbelievable and a little cheesy.)

In 10 minutes a day for five days, we’ll figure out where your happiness comes from, where your money is going, and how to get more of both.

It’s easier than you think!

Ready to take charge of your money and your happiness?
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5 days to change how you think about money + happiness
The methods I teach are backed by neuroscience, psychology, and good ol’ fashioned trial and error.

Daily lessons

Five (short!) daily lessons filled with practical, actionable advice


A 10-page workbook to help you create your own money + happiness plan

Video classes

Short, fun video classes where I’ll walk you through every step

This helped us save $5,000!

“After working through the highlighter exercise with my wife, we realized a lot of our purchases didn’t make us feel as happy as we thought. The next year we were able to save $5,000 dollars just on eating out – which we spent on a trip to Santa Barbara!”

– Gary C.

What happens when you add more money + happiness to your life?

Life gets easier and more lovely, no matter your budget.

Because you’re happier, you spend less money self-medicating with impulse buys.

You have more money, time, and energy for the things you love.

No one has ever asked me these questions!

“You’re the first person who’s ever encouraged me to look at my budget and ask “Does this make me happy? Does my budget match my values?” I feel really optimistic that I can finally get a handle on those regrettable purchases that have always sunk my budget.”

– Sarah C.

Find more happiness
Get clear on where your happiness comes from so you can add more of it to your life.

Release expectations
Let go of old, outdated ideas about what ‘should’ make you happy.

Befriend your money
Figure out where your money is going. Is it going towards things that make you happy?

Reduce regret and B.S.
Learn how to dial down regrettable spending so you have more money for the things you value.

Hi! I’m Sarah Von Bargen.

I hold the potentially controversial opinion that you probably need less money than you think to have the life you want.

How do I know? Because I’ve done it.

When I started my blog, I was earning $16 an hour as a teacher at a non-profit, paying down $50,000 of school debt, living in one of the top 20 most expensive cities in America.

Despite that dismal financial situation, I lived in a cute apartment in a nice neighborhood, paid off my car, paid down my debt, and saved enough money to travel internationally for 10 months.

The methods I used weren’t magic and they weren’t complicated, but I didn’t see anyone else talking about them! That’s why I created this bootcamp.

Ready to take charge of your money and your happiness? Click below to join More Money, More Happy Bootcamp!