UNSTOPPABLE Break Bad Habits, Get Shit Done, Become a High-Value Man.


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Learn the fastest & the most effective way to un-fuck your life,

At the same time attain such insane self-growth,

That 99% of your friends won’t even recognize you in the next 30 days!

This is who you’re it learning from:

Hey it’s Collin the guy behind @selfimprove.ig

Who during lockdown 2020, turned his life around from an unfit, unfocused, wanker and a consumption MONKEY to a focused ambitious warrior MAN.

The intention of this book and what you will get if you follow the instructions are:

  • You will break negative, self-defeating mental patterns that produce unhealthy, unorganized, unsystematic, haphazard, shitty mindsets.
  • Get rid of devastating habits that are unknowingly holding back your success with life and women.
  • Say goodbye to pornography forever.
  • You will have a mission – a goal that will have the greatest impact on your life when achieved.
  • You will wake up every morning excited and ready to win, not sit there scrolling on your phone.
  • You will instantly increase your personal productivity levels from anywhere between 100 to 500%
  • You will use social media platforms to your advantage without compromising on your productivity.

This book will illuminate a proven path to self-mastery, empower you to face reality, hold yourself accountable, live to your fullest potential & find out who you really are.

Get rid of devastating habits:

Upon reading this book, you will systematically drop the bad, unproductive habits that eat away your time and give you nothing in return.

Have you ever said to yourself: “Man, I wish, but I just don’t have time?”

That’s a lie. And you know it’s a lie.

And deep inside, it eats away at you because you know what you’re capable of, but you just can’t seem to shake away the bad habits that slow you down.

So you just learn to believe that you’re “too busy.”

Reality is very few people are too busy. Chances are, your bad habits eat away your time … and your *life*.

Say goodbye to porn:

“I watch it only occasionally.” BULLSHIT.

I don’t want you to watch it even occasionally. I want you to QUIT IT.

Porn is used as a tool to demotivate and keep docile the male population.

When all your masculine energy is focused on or ‘tamed’ by pixels on a screen, you are much more likely to let your life fall into disarray, as well as have relationships that are lacking.

Porn kills love, and when you cut it out you will feel a restoration of your life across all metrics.

The book will give you 5 Concrete Steps to get rid of it once & for all.

Take control of your thought patterns:

Upon reading and implementing the simple but remarkable techniques in the book,

You will effortlessly have positive thoughts – experience beauty in the present moment, focus on the task you have at hand, kindle creativity, feel gratitude, foster real connections, and notice things you love.

You will quite easily overcome the tendencies of the mind to cling onto negativity and prevent it from depleting your mental as well as physical energy.

Extra Bonus:

You get my personal affirmations database from which you will be able to build your own.

Further Your Mission:

Throughout reading the book, you will have a mission a goal that you want to pursue.

This could be anything from losing weight and packing on more muscle to setting up an online business and creating a side income whatever you want.

Remember how you made up the excuse “I did it for a few days and then I lost the motivation”. Well, what you lacked then wasn’t motivation.

What you really lacked was a STRUCTRED SYSTEM.

I built that system.

You will have the structure, discipline and routine to stick to your goal.

Map out your dream life:

Inspired by @thedankoe, I created my very own version of The Power Planner.

With The Power Planner you will be able to define your vision, routines, and goals.

You will realize your true priorities & reduce overwhelm to near zero.

Included with Unstoppable, at no extra cost, here are some more benefits you could expect:

  • You will be LASER focused on your priorities.
  • Your goals and vision will become more clearer (and achievable).
  • You will 10x your energy and productivity levels.

Each day, you will prioritize tasks based on your goals. They will be effortless to complete and not take up hours upon hours of your day.

Use Social Media to your advantage:

Social Media isn’t necessarily evil. When used correctly they’ll give you an unfair advantage way beyond any of your peers can imagine!

One of the best decisions that I’ve made in my life is hands down Joining Twitter.

Twitter’s the reason you are looking at this product.

I will teach you exactly how you too can use each of the social media platforms to turbo-charge you into achieving your goals, as well as for entertainment.

All without compromising on your productivity.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

How long is achieving the above gonna take you?

A Full Month (30 Days)

This book isn’t a content book. It isn’t a mental masturbation book that you read, feel good about reading it, and then forget about it. (You know that you’ve read countless of those already and it made no fucking difference.)

What this book is, is that it’s an Action Plan. Right from Chapter 1, you’ll begin executing the concrete steps handed out to you.

You can finish reading the book in a short time and implement it the same day. If you’re willing to invest 30 days in yourself as outlined in the book You can change your life forever.

There’s no way you could undertake this self-project and not see meaningful improvement in your life. I’ll stand by what I am saying and hence, I am willing to prove it to you by making your purchase completely risk-free:

100% Money-back guarantee :

If you don’t see meaningful improvement in your life, just send me a DM within 30 days of your purchase & I will refund you your money – No Questions Asked.

I am so confident that my methods work that I won’t even ask you why you want a refund I know it’s because you never actually tried them.

With that said, If my methods don’t work for you, I don’t want your money.

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