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Vin DiCarlo – Conversation Cure

Have You Ever Wondered: “Do Women Enjoy Talking To You …Or Is She Just Being Polite?

Finally Enjoy Talking To A Woman:Say Whatever Is On Your Mind – And Have Her Love You For It! Guaranteed!

Dear Friend,

I’ve heard some absolute horror stories about meeting women……But one story rips my heart open, time and time again.

And it goes something like this:

You walk up a woman, and she’s perfectly your type. You’re fascinated by her perfect curves, her lips are pillow-soft and her eyes pierce your soul.

Now the butterflies start to come, and you talk yourself out of it. You walk right by her, because you don’t know what to say.


Maybe it’s one of those rare moments where something inside you clicks…You plow through your nerves and introduce yourself.

For the next couple of minutes, you stumble through a conversation. And she’s smiling a little bit, so you think she’s enjoying herself.You ask her a few questions, to get to know her.

And eventually, your mind goes “blank” and you run of things to say.In the back of your mind, a little voice starts whispering, “Don’t just sit there. Say something. Say anything.. But make it clever. No, make it sexual. Show her you’re an interesting guy. Show her you’re high-value…”

And while this battle is going on in your mind, things between you and her get awkward.You desperately try to force conversation, perhaps even making lame comments about the surroundings…You can feel her boredom, you can sense her disappointment. She gives you the tight-lipped “polite” smile. And when it all comes crashing down… She starts to walk away.

Maybe you ‘save it’ by telling her “It was nice to meet you” -or- “I’ll talk to you later”… But in just a few seconds… You realize…She Was Just Talking To You To Be Polite

Not sexually interested, at all. You got lumped into her mind with every other guy who’s talked to her, then walked away…… And sometimes — whether its 15 minutes or hours later — You come up with the perfect thing you should have said. You make a mental note to remember it next time. But the cycle just repeats itself.You feel ashamed, embarrassed and confused because sometimes you can be a fun, relaxed guy. But for some reason, the words just weren’t coming to you.

I know… Because I’ve been there. Years ago, now, I went through this same heartbreak. And it wasn’t just once, either.*What It All Comes Down To, Is You Didn’t Get The Girl Because Of A Poor Conversation*And no matter how smooth you are the next time you see her… The Damage Is Done.

You Can FIX Your Conversation Skills … So It NEVER Happens Again:

I’ve got good news:

You only ran out of things to say… Because you haven’t mastered a few key mindsets. Men who are amazing conversationalists — and can bring a woman straight to a bed, with words alone — Only have a handful of “go-to” techniques.There is probably something you are an expert at. Something you could talk for HOURS about, without ever once missing a beat. And you can have this same success with women… Once you have these techniques, and the mindsets to use them “on-the-fly”.No matter how “smooth” you are… (most of the guys I know who are “too smooth”, suck with women, because she treats him like a player, INSTANTLY)No matter how “boring” you think your life is… (because I will show you one tiny tweak in HOW you talk to women, which will make any topic exciting and capture her attention)And you will NEVER need to “memorize” or “learn” a single. Damn. Thing. (because one brand-new teaching technique I discovered takes care of all THREE types of learning… and I will let you in on the details, in just a second)

But We Have To Face The Cold, Hard Facts:

… If You Keep Doing The Same Thing, Over And Over, You Will Keep Getting The Same Results.It’s like trying to put a puzzle together… And jamming the wrong piece into a hole. It’s not going to fit… No matter how many times you try to make it work.

And… If you finally force it to work… You’re going to end up with a broken puzzle, and worse off than when you started.

It’s the same for talking to women:

If you keep going out — time and time again — And using the same tired, old and useless tactics… You will keep getting the same results.

And if you force yourself to talk to hundreds of women… While practicing these useless, harmful habits…… You will only succeed in permanently ingraining horrible habits and beliefs about women into your mind. Until they’re stuck there, for good.

You Need A New Way To Achieve The Goals You Want

You need a new way to talk to women. You need a way to talk to women which never lets you run out of things to say. (and doesn’t require a second of “learning”)

Because to truly connect to a woman… And hold sexually charged, interesting and FUN conversations… You need to be able to express your inner, naturally attractive self, while holding her attention with an iron grasp.

What does it take to master these Master Conversation Mindsets I’ve told you about? Well… It depends on which of the Three Types of Learner you are:

If You’re A Visual Learner,You Want To SEE Conversation In Action:

The best way — I’ve discovered — To teach a visual man stone-cold conversational confidence is to SHOW him not only conversations between a guy who knows what he’s doing and a beautiful woman who falls under his spell…… You should show him men just like him, who make the same mistakes he does. And you should show him what corrections these men needed to make — And what they looked like.

Only then — I believe — Is this man ready to talk to a woman without fear, anxiety, or stress running through his veins.

If You’re An Auditory Learner,You Want To HEAR The Right Things To Say:

You should be able listen to the delivery, and tonality behind these techniques. Because you can say the same thing to a woman, with two different energies behind it, and you will get two EXTREMELY different reactions.

And once you hear a man with a similar energy deliver these lines… Get corrected on his mistakes… And use these techniques with the correct energy — The Ideal Energy Of An Auditory Learner

You will have the “ammo” you need to talk to a woman without ever once letting your mind go blank, or being embarrassed when the conversation dies.

If You Learn By DOING,You Want A Way To Practice These Techniques:

I’ve discovered many men master things quicker when you can actually DO the exercises I teach. But the real key is — You can’t just watch them done, or do them unsupervised… Because you will miss the Trainer feedback, and make other mistakes.

You need to go through these exercises WHILE getting feedback from an expert, who knows exactly how to fix your individual, personal problems and sticking points.

And only then will you be ready to meet the next woman you desire, and seduce her… Instead of letting her slip away because of poor conversation skills.

But The Most Powerful Way To Learn… Is To Combine All Three Types Of Guidance:

Without a doubt, the most powerful, effective way of mastering conversation is to get all three types of feedback. Auditory, Visual, and Kinesthetic (physical).

For Visual Learners: A master of conversation would show you — Only two feet away — How talking to a woman is supposed to look. Everything from his tiniest touch to his body posture and stance.

For Auditory Learners: This same conversation expert would tell you — Mimicking the tonality YOU use — How to come up with your own “lines” on-the-fly. And will even show you how to put more bass in your voice… Or break-down why he said what he said.

For Men Who Need To “Do”: He would give you exercises to practice. He would then watch you, and make corrections to your form. Everything from how you cock your hips, to the speed you move your hands.

For years, I struggled to design a simple system you could use in the comfort of your own home. One way to give you MASTER Conversational Confidence without the grueling work, painful rejections and practice and complicated theories everyone else requires you to suffer through.

But… No matter how hard I tried… I just couldn’t figure it out. Something always seemed to be missing…

That Is… Until I Hosted A Closed-Door Secret Seminar, Only 20 Men Were Invited To:

I invited twenty of my closest friends and extremely willing conversation newbies to New York City and The W Hotel.

Out of these hundred-and-twenty volunteers, I chose only three men to be “contestants” on Conversation Cure.

You see, I couldn’t just choose anyone. I needed three men who had specific, extremely common problems when talking to women.

And I found them. I found three men who had exactly the sticking points I want to CURE in you, today. Things such as:

  • Running out of things to say… And letting your mind go “blank”…
  • Being too quiet, or timid around women…
  • Constantly trying to say the “right” thing… Or impress the girl you’re with…
  • Thinking it takes something “more” than solid, potent conversation to make a girl want you, sexually…
  • And many other common problems. You will have more than one in common with a contestant. I spent hours designing it this way.

Plus more, but I don’t want to ramble because this is extremely important… And I need your undivided attention.

I Put Three Contestants Into A Room With Three Gorgeous Women And Six Conversation MASTERS … And Conversation Cure Was Born

We took these three men — With the same sticking points that you may go through on a painful, daily basis — And we gave them the most powerful, effective, and lasting training I could develop.

These five men — and myself — Each taught multiple, extremely different techniques ranging from absolute newbie beginner to master-level advanced.

And each of these Conversational Masters (who I am about to introduce, in just a second) taught a completely different, unique topic which… When put together…

… Will give you absolute, unshakable, rock-solid confidence captivating any woman’s attention, interest and sexual desire.

(And you can see just how effective these combine teaching techniques were, by checking out the Conversation Cure attendee videos at the bottom.)

So You Will SEE Men Like You Make The Same Mistakes And Get Personal Correction

You will see – LIVE and uncut — Exactly how you should look when holding a conversation with a woman.

You will see how to hold your hands (and it’s not in your pockets.. or touching your face). You will see what energy you need to have, to hold a woman’s attention…

… And you will see — in living, breathing, gorgeous detail — What a woman is supposed to look like, when your words light her up like a kid on Christmas morning.

And You Will HEAR Every Technique Spelled Out With Perfect Tonality

You will hear — Word-for-word — Exactly how you should sound, whether you’re meeting a woman during the day or speaking to her in a bar.

You will hear when she’s being sarcastic or joking (because it’s not always obvious, and if you take even ONE of her jokes serious… You’re dead in the water). You will discover how to put some extra bass and grit into your voice — And why it drives women wild…

… And you will hear exactly what low, seductive tonality makes a woman gasp, get flushed and red, and plasters a giant, silly grin on her face.

And You Can DO These Simple, Fun “Games” Along With The Three Contestants

Because you will — Almost immediately — Find a contestant which you identify with. You can either use the advice we gave him to fix your sticking points. Or use all of the advice and master conversational techniques you were already strong at.

You get to see their evolution of their getting better. So you dont just see someone who already mastered it, and miss all of the important steps along the way.

You will burn the right way to talk to a woman deep into your mental-muscle memory (so you never have to struggle or think of the “right” thing to say to a woman.. or ever let your mind go “blank” again)…

… And you will walk away from Conversation Cure — After watching it just once — With a knowing, sure and solid confidence that what you say to the next woman you meet will be exactly what she wants to hear.