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W.H.Ford – The Pitbull Investor (2009 Ed.) | INSTANT DOWNLOAD !


W.H.Ford – The Pitbull Investor (2009 Ed.)

The Pitbull Investor represents a model approach to selling a trading system: The developer gets $60 for the idea, discloses it completely and then earns some additional income after the initial sale by implementing and/or updating market calls for people, or even pulling the trigger for them. According to IMF, some 13,000 customers are currently relying on IMF for updating. Most folks just don’t have the time to trade all the gee-whiz systems they find out there; there’s a market for ongoing service, and IMF provides that.

I liked the systems offered in The Pitbull Investor, especially in the market we have today, which, as far as anyone knows, could last many more years and peak at levels inconceivable today. You can get the manual for the cost of a couple lattes, and if you don’t like it, you can return it as late as six months later (only about 2% of trials do this). If you have a rigorous loss-control system in place, then you have little to lose by buying a copy of The Pitbull Investor and puting the approach to work.